May 17, 2019
WWE News: Complications Force Ric Flair's Surgery To Be Postponed

Early on Thursday morning, wrestling legend Ric Flair was taken to the hospital -- news which caused a lot of panic among fans. There were conflicting reports as to what exactly was wrong with the "Nature Boy," but things appeared to calm down by the evening. Now, it seems as if things aren't all as great as once thought, as complications have caused Flair's surgery to be postponed.

Numerous reports claimed different things on Thursday, with some saying that Flair was rushed to the ER and in very serious condition. Other reports said that Flair was going into the hospital for a planned procedure, and that he was expected to make a "full recovery."

Even though the situation appeared to be non-critical -- and fans realized that Flair wasn't in a dire situation -- they were still concerned for one of the greatest wrestling legends of all time.

Will Nunley of Fox 5 is reporting that the planned surgery which Ric Flair was set to undergo on Friday has been postponed until Monday. Complications have come up, and doctors are working to address those before taking him into the operating room.

Flair is going to continue being under the care of doctors through the weekend, in hopes that he will be ready for surgery on Monday.

As news of Flair's hospitalization continued to spread, more rumors began to proliferate. The Inquisitr even shot down a couple of them, as satirical articles were being shared on social media, ones which claimed that Flair was "brain dead" -- or had already passed away.

Of course, neither of those things happen to be true, but the "Nature Boy" is still in the hospital, and will be for a while longer. Ric Flair's exact status isn't known, but his wife, Wendy Barlow, says that she expects him to make a full recovery.

Flair is scheduled to appear at the Starrcast II event next weekend in Las Vegas, and he is set to be the subject of a roast. Promoter Conrad Thompson is one of those individuals who shot down the rumors on Thursday that Flair was near death, and said that this procedure had been planned by Flair and his family.

Whatever the actual truth may be with Ric Flair and his current health, the important thing to note is that he is under proper medical supervision. Fans will simply have to wait and see what the future holds for the iconic wrestler.