May 17, 2019
Eminem's Daughter Hailie Mathers Wows In Skintight Yoga Pants

Hailie Mathers may have shot to fame as Eminem's daughter via his rap called "Hailie's Song" but the 23-year-old has personally earned her most recent status as a social media star, boasting more than 1.5 million Instagram followers. The recent college graduate, who impressively made the Dean's List, delighted fans by uploading three pictures throughout the week, including one shot in which she wears skintight yoga pants.

In the picture, Hailie, who goes by Hailie Jade on Instagram, poses in blue color-blocked yoga pants. To complete the ensemble, she sports a gray t-shirt, a gray hoodie and white sneakers. The Michigan native wore her wavy hair loose around her shoulders and sported dark nail polish and natural makeup. In addition, Hailie holds a cup of iced coffee with a green straw, suggesting the beverage is likely from Starbucks.

The social media star showed off her comedic chops in the caption for the photo.

"Just waiting for the day 'caption writer' becomes a job."
In total, the picture earned more than 83,600 likes and around 618 comments.

"Would your father get mad if I called you pretty?" one starstruck fan wrote, referencing her famous father, rapper Eminem.

"You look beautiful Hailie," added a second.

The picture was not the only upload from the week. Earlier, Hailie posted a picture that gave a glimpse of her midriff. In the picture, Hailie wears a black beanie with a cropped white hoodie that spells "the future is female" on the top edge in red lettering. The look was completed with jeans and the hint of a gray bralette with a white and black band.Her caption echoed her hoodie.
"The future is female."
No surprise that the picture was popular with her fans, earning just shy of 80,000 likes and a thousand comments.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE" one fan commented on the snap.

"Your rap name could be 'Feminem,'" joked another user.

The third and most recent picture uploaded this week was of a more artistic bent. In the shot, Hailie leans against the wall on a rooftop, resting her chin on her hand. The influencer wore tight black pants and a casual white t-shirt. She completed the look with ankle high faded peach sneakers and a black crossbody purse with a gold chain.

Like in previous pictures, Hailie wore her hair in a simple loose style and wore natural makeup.

"Searchin for the weekend," Hailie wrote as her caption, adding the despair emoji face and praying hands.

"He's probably in Toronto," joked one user in reply, referencing musical artist The Weeknd.

The picture, which came out less than 24 hours ago, already has more than 53,000 likes and 434 comments.