Derick Dillard Defends Himself After Being Called A 'Selfish And Ungrateful Husband'

Derick Dillard can't seem to please everyone on social media, and he isn't about to try. He was just recently accused of being a selfish husband to wife Jill Duggar after sharing a photo of his son, Israel, in a school library. It doesn't seem that the two topics would be related at all, but somehow it all got turned around to his lack of empathy toward his wife.

The ruckus all started on Sunday, May 12, which was Mother's Day. Dillard took took his Instagram account to post a cute photo of his eldest son standing on a stool with plenty of books surrounding him. He was visiting the library on the campus where his dad is attending law school. The former reality star commented that Israel was accompanying him as he was wrapping up some last minute things before summer break.

It didn't take long for someone to post a comment condemning Derick Dillard. That isn't too unusual since he does get a lot of flak no matter what he shares publicly. However, the comment blasted him for not wishing Jill a happy Mother's Day. He made no mention of his wife in the post, and that seemed to be a source of irritation.

They reminded the father-of-two that she carried his children for nine months and she had to undergo a C-section as well. The comment ended with,"Selfish and ungrateful of a husband much?"

Dillard didn't offer an apology for not wishing Jill Duggar a happy Mother's Day. Instead he explained that it doesn't really matter what he posts because he will always get slammed no matter what.
"When I post something, people say 'why don't you tell her yourself instead of posting about it' and when you don't post people say 'you're ungrateful'... can't please everyone."
Another person told him that he rarely posts anything about his wife, just his two kids. They thought that he should put more of an effort into being a husband. He then told everyone that he did indeed share a Mother's Day post about both his wife and his mother, but he put it up on the Dillard Family blog.

He did redeem himself to the social media world on Tuesday by giving Jill a Mother's Day shout out on Instagram, along with a photo of them out on their once-a-week sushi dates. He also included a mention that there was a blog post if anyone would like to head to their site to read it.