May 16, 2019
WWE Rumors: Another Superstar Pulled From 'Money In The Bank' With Conflicting Reasons As To Why

This week on Monday Night Raw, Braun Strowman was taken out of the Men's Ladder Match at this weekend's Money In The Bank, but now, there has been another change. As reported by The Inquisitr, Sami Zayn defeated Strowman to take his spot in the big match to go after a future world title shot. Now, the Women's Ladder Match has undergone a big change and a former multi-time champion has been pulled out of that one too.

On Thursday afternoon, the official website of WWE revealed that Alexa Bliss has not been medically cleared to compete on Sunday at Money In The Bank. She has been removed from the Women's Ladder Match, but there was nothing else revealed as to why she was taken out of the bout.

Bliss has dealt with a number of injuries over the course of the past year and she has missed a lot of time. This past week on Monday Night Raw, she was taken out of a Fatal 4-Way Match with the other MITB participants from the red brand and replaced by Nikki Cross.

There are still a few days until Money In The Bank and that gives WWE time to name a replacement for Bliss of who they have said will be "suitable."

As soon as it was announced that Bliss was taken out of the Ladder Match, there were numerous reports as to the reasoning for her removal. The only problem is that there are conflicting reports as to why she was actually taken off of the card.

PW Insider states that Bliss has been taken out of in-ring action due to suffering a concussion. She has not wrestled a match since the episode of Monday Night Raw on April 29 when she lost to Naomi.

Bliss has dealt with a number of concussions during her time in WWE and that is what's caused her to miss a lot of time as well. The only difference this time around is that Dave Meltzer, by way of IW Nerd, is stating that the injury (not specifically a concussion) is not said to be serious and WWE is simply being cautious with her.

"Bliss was pulled for injury reasons, although the specific injury is unknown. We were told the injury wasn't serious and this was a precautionary call due to the nature of her being in a ladder match."
No matter what the case may be, Alexa Bliss is out of the Women's Ladder Match at Sunday's Money In The Bank. She does have an injury of some kind which may be a concussion or something else entirely. WWE isn't saying a whole lot, but they have confirmed she won't be going after the briefcase.