May 16, 2019
Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital' For Wednesday: Sam Has A Date For The Nurses Ball

The General Hospital Nurses Ball begins this week as the residents of Port Charles are gearing up for this fun annual event. The red carpet is expected to begin on Friday, and the glamour and drama will continue next week. Sam has been occupied with trying to take Shiloh Archer down, but she still has time for the Nurses Ball. She will be getting her glam on again this year with someone escorting her, but it won't be Jason Morgan.

On Wednesday's General Hospital, Sam ran into Shiloh while she was walking through the park, as they sat down to talk. Shiloh was eager to get back to Sam's Dawn of Day initiation to finish it. He proposed that tonight would be a good time, but Sam told him that after Oscar's memorial celebration, she just wanted to get home to her kids. The talk turned to Kristina as Shiloh told her that her sister had fulfilled her purpose by leading Sam to Dawn of Day. Kristina is expected to confront Sam next week about Shiloh, according to SheKnows Soaps.

This confrontation will most likely happen at the Nurses Ball after Kristina sees what is happening with her big sister. Sam asked Shiloh to go the Nurses Ball with her after he called it a sham. She challenged him to go with her and he accepted. Now, these two will be all dressed up walking arm in arm on the red carpet. This will infuriate Kristina. Her eyes were opened as to Shiloh's true purpose during her deprogramming and she still thinks that Sam is getting fooled by Shiloh as she did. Little does she know that it's actually Shiloh who is getting conned by Sam.

The Nurses Ball invite was all planned by Sam and Jason. After Shiloh left her in the park, Sam texted Jason that he "took the bait." This could all be part of a ruse to keep the Dawn of Day leader occupied at the ball while Jason hunts down the pledges that Shiloh has hidden away somewhere.

Others who don't know about Sam's plan to take Shiloh down, including Kristina and Molly, will be appalled when she walks in with him on her arm at this year's General Hospital Nurses Ball. Viewers aren't very happy with this pairing either, as many of their comments suggest on social media.

Shiloh will soon find out that Willow gave birth to his baby. Also, the baby switch fiasco is rumored to be revealed at the Nurses Ball. Keep watching General Hospital in the coming days to see how it all goes down.