May 16, 2019
Howard Stern Reveals He's Become Just Like His Mother In This Way

Radio personality Howard Stern revealed in his new book Howard Stern Comes Again that he has become just like his mother Ray in this shocking way.

Rolling Stone published an excerpt from Stern's new book where he talks about the music business and how he felt he always had a grasp on what was hot and popular in the rock and pop genres, particularly when it came to interviewing musicians during his stint as a personality on New York radio and now as a Sirius XM host.

Stern noted that when he was a child, he discovered The Beatles during the summer of 1967 when he was at sleepaway camp. One of the counselors had a copy of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Stern was hooked by the music and the imagery on the cover of the record. Upon returning home, he wanted to share his newfound discovery with his mother, who was unaware of the musical revolution The Beatles had started in the music business in the three years prior to the album's release.

The radio host remarked in his book that he told Ray Stern, "'Mom, come in here! You gotta hear this!' She sat on my bed next to me and we listened to the entire album. The song lyrics were printed on the back — it was one of the first times a band had done that, maybe even the first. As the music played, my mother and I read along."

"It might be the closest I have ever felt to my mother. To my astonishment, she actually enjoyed the music. It made me so proud that as an older woman she could get into The Beatles, especially because all of her friends hated them. I was so happy to share that with her," Stern concluded of the profound effect the experience had on him in the excerpt published by Rolling Stone.So it is with great astonishment that Stern now realizes that with today's music, particularly the major players of Top 40 Radio, he is clueless to who is popular and the impact they are making on the charts. The experience makes him feel "out of touch" and in danger of becoming "that guy" at the age of 65 who doesn't have a clue, similar to his mother with The Beatles.

He quipped in the book that he had no clue who rappers Lil Xan and the late Mac Miller were and felt old when he realized that he couldn't connect the dots when it came to Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande and their connections to both men. (Cyrus' sister Noah dated Lil Xan and Ariana Grande dated the late Miller.)

Although he realizes that while today's contemporary artists may not hold the same allure for him in the way the music of his era did, particularly artists of the 1990s such as Soundgarden and Nirvana, he feels a connection to singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran, which keeps him hopeful he is not completely out of touch with today's top artists.Howard Stern's new book Howard Stern Comes Again is available now. He is married to Beth Stern and is the father of three adult daughters with ex-wife Allison. His Sirius XM show airs daily.