Isaac Kappy’s Death Leads To Baseless Online Conspiracy Theories

Actor Isaac Kappy died tragically earlier this week. The actor, who was 42, had appeared in the original Thor movie as well as episodes of Breaking Bad and Vanderpump Rules. He died after reportedly jumping off a bridge in Arizona, per The Inquisitr.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed Tuesday that a body found the previous day was indeed that of Kappy’s. Authorities told media outlets, including AZ Central, that Kappy had “forced himself” off a bridge near Flagstaff, Ariz., and had been hit by a car below.

Two teenagers told authorities that they tried to restrain Kappy on the bridge, but that he escaped their grasp. Police also said that they are “investigating the incident as a suicide.” Kappy had posted a long message on his since-deleted Instagram account not long before, in which he admitted to a series of bad acts, and also referenced the QAnon conspiracy theory. He even said he had informed the Trump administration that he was “willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting and committed to execution, in a public setting.”

Kappy, who had appeared on episodes of Alex Jones’ InfoWars, had trafficked in conspiracy theories in recent years, and had been vocal about accusing Hollywood luminaries, like Tom Hanks and Seth Green, of participating in pedophilia rings.

So it’s perhaps unsurprising that in the first 24 hours after Kappy’s death was publicly announced, many on the internet began asserting, without any solid evidence, that Kappy had in fact been murdered. Per The Sun, conspiracy theories have proliferated alleging that Kappy’s death was not a suicide, but rather that he had been killed in retaliation for the things he had said about Hollywood and pedophilia.

Indeed, a check of YouTube reveals numerous videos, posted in the 24 hours after Kappy’s death, alleging foul play in the actor’s death.

There has, however, been no indication from any public reporting, or comments from police, that Kappy’s death is being investigated as anything other than a suicide. And to believe the conspiracy is to believe that police and public safety officers, in multiple jurisdictions in rural Arizona, would have any interest in covering up the supposed crimes of Hollywood pedophiles.

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