‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers And Rumors: Who Will Ana Date?

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New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Ana and Mariah clash over Tessa’s new image for her second chance music career.

It seems like every time Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Ana (Loren Lott) cross paths, they end up arguing about Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) and how to handle her look for her upcoming new music. This tension has caused some longtime viewers to speculate that perhaps Ana likes Tessa and is jealous of Mariah’s relationship with the crooner.

According to a recent interview in CBS Soaps In Depth with Ana actress, American Idol alum Loren Lott, that’s probably not the case. During the discussion, Lott revealed that her on-screen brother Bryton James, who portrays Devon, wants her to get a love interest as soon as possible so that he can tease her about it when they work together.

For a while, it appeared as if Ana and Dr. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominick) might start up a romance, but The Inquisitr reported that Nate is interested in Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). Also, Lott had some reasons she felt Nate and Abby might be a better match than Ana and Nate.

“Nate and Ana might be too close in the family for that, so I don’t know.”

Lott does have a fantastic idea for Ana’s future, though, and the actress doesn’t see her with Tessa.

“They can always put me with Shemar Moore [who recently reprised his role of Malcolm to mourn Neil’s passing]. There might be a little age gap, but who cares? He’s gorgeous. I’d wait for that storyline.”

Of course, there’s no hint that the talented S.W.A.T. actor will bring Malcolm back to Genoa City anytime soon. He left shortly after Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) memorial with a promise to keep in touch with his family, so anything could happen, but it’s unlikely.

Even if Ana doesn’t get to be with Malcolm on the show, Lott got a bit of a surprise when Moore reprised his role. The actress took to Instagram late last month to describe what happened when she met the actor on set.

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SWIPE! As many of u May know Shemar Moore is my biggest celebrity crush. So my tv brother @brytonejames told him that I loved him and to mess with me. He didn’t the whole day (mind you we were all crying all day. The saddest day I’ve ever spent on a set) but at the end of the day I asked for a picture lol he picked me up in his arms and took pictures with me, then he put me down and planted one on me. Strictly to mess with me while Bryton took pictures lol. It was hilarious and I totally died. Imagine ur celebrity crush kissing u???? EVERYONE behind the scenes was watching and they laughed and called me miss Moore for the next like 2 days. Anyway my life was made and Shemar was actually so cool and getting to see him act live and sing for him was great. He’s soooo good. Especially to push through the way he did. I was grateful that even with all the tears we all still found a way to have good time! Good one Bryton! I love u forever ????????????????????

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The actress admitted that Moore is her biggest celebrity crush, and she described how James captured pictures of Moore giving her the celebrity crush kiss of her life, and she was thrilled to have such an interaction with him. In all, even on a sad day, the moment allowed some happiness to shine through.

For now, it does not seem like Ana and Tessa will be a couple anytime soon. The tension may be as simple as Ana not appreciating Mariah interfering in her work.