May 15, 2019
Mick Jagger Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down While Dancing In New Video

Rock legend Mick Jagger seems to be recovering from heart valve replacement surgery quite well. The 75-year-old posted a video on Instagram where he is showing off his signature footwork.

In the video, which looks like it was recorded in a dance studio or gym, Jagger struts his stuff in a black pair of sweatpants, a white T-shirt and white sneakers. The rock star certainly doesn't look like he just went under the knife on April 4.

The Rolling Stones had to cancel the remainder of their tour when it was revealed that Jagger would be undergoing surgery. The singer apologized to his fans on social media, reassuring them that he would be working hard to get back on stage. On the day after the surgery, Jagger was already back on social media, thanking his fans for their support. He told them he felt much better, and was on the mend.

And, apparently, he meant it. He put his fancy footwork on display while dancing to "Techno Fan" by the Wombats.

His fans were definitely impressed with his moves.

"The king is back," one fan wrote. Another admirer remarked that it didn't even look like Jagger had even had surgery.

Jagger has been keeping his fans updated on his recovery via his Instagram account, and posted a picture of himself talking a walk in the park just one week after the procedure.

In an interview with Fox Business, Dr. Marc Siegel said he thought the surgery Jagger underwent was a "miracle procedure" of modern medicine, noting that most people recover quickly and get back to work. Jagger is a walking testament that people can bounce back quickly after such a surgery.Jagger's brother -- Chris, 71 -- said that the rocker was lucky to be alive, The Mirror reported. He said doctors became aware of his brother's heart condition after a routine check up. If left untreated, the condition could be deadly. Chris said it was the same condition that killed The Clash guitarist Joe Strummer, who died suddenly.

While the group has not made any announcements about rescheduling their tour, The Rolling Stones' website indicated that getting back on the road was a possibility once Jagger took time off to make a full recovery.

By the looks of the video Jagger posted, he is well on his way. There is little doubt that his fans are excited about the notion of seeing the rock star perform again.