‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly’s Baby Crisis Has Jason Distracted

Craig SjodinABC Press

Carly is about to have a scare, according to General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday. She has been feeling pretty good so far, despite Sonny’s ongoing concerns for his wife’s health. This pregnancy was very unexpected, but Carly wants this baby. She seems to be doing all the right things, except for staying away from stress. After all, she is married to a mobster, but that hasn’t been a big worry this time.

In the General Hospital previews for Wednesday, Carly is seen talking to Jason about the Sam situation. She expresses her concerns after Jason tells her what Sam has planned in order to get the goods on Shiloh. Sam wants to go through with the Dawn of Day initiation, and Carly will be appalled by it since she knows exactly what happens during that process. Jason isn’t too happy about it, either. Whether it’s all the stress from talking about Sam or the build up from Oscar’s death, Carly will be heading to the hospital, according to She Knows Soaps.

It appears that something happens while she is with Jason, as he is the one who takes her. This means that he will be temporarily distracted from being there for Sam if she should get into trouble with Shiloh.

There are no details on what exactly happens to make Carly head to GH, but it’s possible that she starts experiencing something that scares her into getting checked out. There hadn’t previously been anything to worry about, but now she appears to be getting some tests done to see if there is something wrong with her pregnancy.

Spoilers say that Carly will be getting test results back on Thursday’s show. There could be something wrong with the baby, or even something wrong with Carly. Will Sonny’s worst fears come true?

Carly is excited about this new baby, even though it was a shock when she discovered she was expecting another child. If there is a chance that she could lose this baby, she will be devastated despite knowing the high risks involved.

Bobbie is expected to make another appearance on General Hospital in a few days. Spoilers indicate that she will be giving her support. Will she be consoling her daughter? Or it could also involve her son Lucas. His world is about to crash once he finds out about what Brad has done. It will be a tough road when he will be forced to hand over baby Jonah to his real father, Michael.

Carly will be highly involved in this storyline when Michael finds out the truth that his son is still alive. If Sonny and Carly’s baby makes it to term, then she will be a grandmother at the same time as having her own. It looks like things may get even more complicated on General Hospital during May sweeps.