Kate Gosselin Posts Cryptic Celebration Photo With Roses And Wine

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Kate Gosselin has been on an Instagram kick—and she’s showing no signs of stopping. After a long break from the social media site, the mom of eight has posted four times in the past week. But it’s Kate’s most recent post that is raising eyebrows as fans try to figure out what she’s working on.

In her latest Instagram tease, Kate Gosselin posted a photo of an open bottle of Malbec, two glasses filled with red wine, two lit candles, and a vase of red roses. It totally looks like something from the set of The Bachelorette, and Kate is starring on a TLC dating show. But the Kate Plus 8 star’s caption is what has fans confused.

In her caption to the post, Kate noted that the set up was for a long overdue celebration with friends. Kate also added a video camera, TV, and winking emojis and the hashtag “#HiHoHiHo.” Yes, the mom of eight dropped a Seven Dwarfs reference, or at least a tease that it’s off to work she goes.

It’s no surprise that fans hit the comments section to question what Kate is up to. Several fans wrote that they hoped Kate Gosselin is teasing the return of Kate Plus 8, her long-running TV show with her kids. The show has been on hiatus since 2017.

“Please come back to TV!!!! I’ve followed since the start!” one follower wrote.

Another fan assumed the post was about Kate’s upcoming dating show, Kate Plus Date.

“Cannot wait,” the Gosselin fan wrote. “I hope you find your true love. YOU so deserve it!”

While there has been no announcement that Kate Gosselin and her kids will return for a new season of Kate Plus 8, TLC revealed the trailer for Gosselin’s new show, Kate Plus Date, earlier this week. And wine is included on the menu—in one scene Gosselin is seen gulping down a glass of red to calm her nerves during what appears to be a disastrous blind date.

While Kate’s sextuplets won’t appear on Kate Plus Date, her 18-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, will be along for the ride as she tries to find love 10 years after her divorce from Jon Gosselin. Gosselin explained her decision to exclude her younger kids from filming when she spoke at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in February.

“[I chose] Mady and Cara because they’re 18 and I feel like it’s more comfortable at this time to have them weighing in and helping me out,” Gosselin told reporters earlier this year, per Fox News. “So, it’ll be Mady and Cara on Kate Plus Date, and yes – we are close with all of my kids and their brothers and sisters.”

You can see the trailer for Kate Gosselin’s new show below.

Kate Plus Date premieres on June 10 on TLC.