Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Adam Has An Agenda In Genoa City

Trae PattonCBS

New spoilers for The Young and the Restless reveal that Adam has an agenda for his return to Genoa City, and it will send trembles throughout the Newman family — and beyond.

Neither Nick (Joshua Morrow) nor Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is thrilled to see their brother, Adam (Mark Grossman), return to Genoa City after having been dead since fall of 2016. Sure, in theory, they’re happy he’s safe — but now that he’s there, Victoria is worried that Adam will try to take her place at Newman Enterprises. On the other hand, Nick is concerned that Adam will try to take his son, Christian.

New Y&R head writer Josh Griffith discussed the bombshell storyline with CBS Soaps In Depth recently. Griffith put some of Victoria’s fears to rest when he said, “Adam may have his eyes on a bigger prize than Newman Enterprises!”

However, Griffith also teased some drama. The scribe revealed, “Adam’s return will shake things up not only through the Newman family but for everyone on the canvas! He returns with an agenda to take care of unfinished business!”

According to The Inquisitr‘s daily Y&R recap, today — when Adam visited Sharon (Sharon Case) at the gatehouse — he appeared to recognize something. When Sharon questioned Adam, he insisted that he still didn’t have any memories of her, or of Genoa City.

Later, Adam’s behavior made it seem as if he had something shady going on. He was seen back at the tack house, along with a duffel bag filled with wads of cash. Then, Adam texted somebody, telling them that things were going smoothly so far in Genoa City. He may have texted Risa, the woman who answered the door when Sharon visited Adam in Las Vegas. It’s possible that these two are pulling a con on Victor (Eric Braeden) — and the rest of the Newman family — in order to gain money, or something else.

However, it’s also possible that Adam was texting Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). Egan announced recently, via Instagram, that she’s returning to the show — and Chelsea had left Genoa City last year with Connor. It is possible that she knew Adam was alive, and went to be with him. It’s also possible that she found out about Adam sometime after she had fled the city in a rush. Chelsea got out in a hurry after stealing money from Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Fenmore by using Chelsea 2.0 creations and knockoffs.

One thing is sure, though. Adam’s return to Genoa City isn’t straightforward, and there is plenty more than meets the eye where he’s concerned.