Grey Poupon ‘The Lost Footage’ Ad Released Online [Video]

Grey Poupon has released the “Lost Footage” edition of its latest TV spot online.

The classy mustard debuted a new commercial during the 85th Annual Academy Awards telecast on Sunday evening. Since it costs a pretty penny to run an advertisement during the show, the folks at Kraft decided to only air their new spot once.

Fortunately for those who fondly remember the old Grey Poupon commercials, an extended cut of the ad has been released online. Although the clip starts out much like its predecessors, the marketing team behind the spot decided to give the story a modern self-aware twist.

After one sneaky gentleman steals a jar of the mustard from its rightful owner, a car chase quickly ensues. At one point during the showdown, the men are seen fighting with one another using golf clubs as they lean out of car windows.

As strange as that description may sound, it only gets sillier from there. You can find the Grey Poupon “lost footage” clip embedded below.

The official description of the video on YouTube suggests that the commercial was produced a long time ago. Before the ad could be used, it vanished under mysterious circumstances. Now the two-minute clip is available for the world to enjoy.

The description reads:

“Discover what really happened after one fine gentleman passed another fine gentleman a jar of GREY POUPON. Recently discovered under mysterious circumstances, this “lost footage” uncovers all of the suspense, greed, revenge and savory pork loin that was meant for the original commercial.”

The YouTube page also has links to several outtakes featuring the characters in the new Grey Poupon spot.

The Inquisitr previously reported that it has been roughly 16 years since Kraft has put together a new “Pardon Me” ad for its iconic mustard. The company admitted to USA Today that the brand simply wasn’t as popular as it used to be. However, Kraft hopes to turn things around with the latest campaign.

Are you a fan of Grey Poupon? What do you think about “The Lost Footage” version of the latest commercial?