Kyle Richards Describes Awkward Run-In With Lisa Vanderpump After Not Speaking To Her For 8 Months

Isabella VosmikovaBravo

Kyle Richards is giving details on her first run-in with Lisa Vanderpump more than eight months after their Puppy Gate blowout at the SUR owner’s Beverly Hills mansion. A few days after Lisa Vanderpump described the unexpected meeting with her former friend as “okay,” Kyle is dishing that it was way more awkward than her longtime Real Housewives co-star let on.

Kyle Richards told Us Weekly that she recently ran into Lisa Vanderpump at the Chanel counter in Neiman Marcus.

“I haven’t seen her for eight months. And I was just like, I said, ‘Hi, Lisa.’ She turned around, and she looked like she saw a ghost. She took a double take, and she said, ‘Oh, my God. Wow.’ It was extremely awkward at Chanel in Neiman Marcus, let me tell you. It started getting very busy in there too.”

Richards said that she and Vanderpump “spoke for quite a bit” and then agreed with Lisa’s previous evaluation of the chat.

“Like she said, it was okay,” Kyle confirmed.

Last week, Lisa Vanderpump revealed that she came face to face with Kyle Richards months after their explosive Puppy Gate argument in the kitchen of Lisa’s Beverly Hills home, Villa Rosa. Vanderpump told Us Weekly, “I actually ran into Kyle the other day. It was okay.”

Lisa Vanderpump gave no further details on the unexpected reunion with her former friend and didn’t note that it was awkward.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans saw the friendship between the two Bravo stars end when Kyle Richards showed up at Lisa Vanderpump’s house to tell her that the RHOBH ladies believed she was behind a leaked Radar Online story regarding Dorit Kemsley’s returned Vanderpump Dogs pup. It wasn’t long before Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, booted Richards out of the house with a swift, “Goodbye Kyle!”

While their friendship remains fractured, Kyle Richards told Us she hopes Vanderpump—the only other original cast member besides herself—decides to stay on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for its upcoming 10th season.

“When we’re filming and we’re going on these trips, I’m thinking, ‘Lisa should be here. We would be having fun and laughing,'” Richards said of Vanderpump.

Kyle also addressed the Puppy Gate drama that ensued after co-star Dorit Kemsley’s Vanderpump Dogs pup ended up at a kill shelter. Richards said she wishes Lisa Vanderpump would have just confronted her other co-stars over their Puppy Gate speculation instead of shutting everyone out of her life. Kyle believes the drama would have blown over by now and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast would have all moved on.

“Nobody wanted it to drag out,” Kyle said. “I would love for Lisa to be more involved with us and just stay and talk to us.”

Kyle Richards revealed that in addition to running into Lisa Vanderpump, she also recently ran into her former RHOBH nemesis Brandi Glanville—at the local post office, no less.

Richards told E! News Just the Sip that her friendly run-in with Brandi made her realize that life is too short to hold on to grudges and bad feelings.

“You gotta let bygones be bygones,” the RHOBH star said.

Kyle Richards has said in previous interviews that she misses Lisa Vanderpump and she hopes they can be friends again someday. However, Vanderpump told Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that while she sometimes misses her friendship with Kyle, maybe it wasn’t such a good one after all.

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