‘Knightfall’ Season 2 Finale: Recap Of Episode 8, ‘While I Breathe, I Trust The Cross’

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Welcome to the recap for Episode 8, titled “While I Breathe, I Trust The Cross,”, which is the Knightfall Season 2 finale.

SPOILER ALERT: This recap contains information about Episode 8, titled “While I Breathe, I Trust The Cross,” of History Channel’s Knightfall Season 2. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

As pointed out in the Episode 7 recap of Knightfall by The Inquisitr, Landry (Tom Cullen) and his fellow Knights Templar are being burned at the stake for charges laid against them pertaining to heresy. As SyFy points out, Season 2 of Knightfall has focused on Landry’s redemption and by the end of Episode 7, it was proven that Landry will follow no one but God and was okay with the notion of dying for his beliefs.

However, death is not an option for Landry, and the Season 2 finale episode opens with Talus (Mark Hamill) charging into the city hidden inside a cart. The cover is pulled back to reveal Talus with a massive crossbow. He proceeds to shoot at the king’s guards while other members of the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus both attack and release Landry’s group from the flames.

Mark Hamill stars as Talus
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Chaos then ensues and the Templars use it to their advantage to escape. However, they are still stuck within the city. Talus tells them all to head for the Temple, which they quickly do. Unfortunately, though, King Philip (Ed Stoppard) has ordered the secret passage to be bricked up and they must find another way to escape while the guards use a battering ram on the gates.

Luckily for them, there is a way. Before they can flee in the Season 2 finale of Knightfall, a woman is heard calling out for help and they discover Lydia (Salome Gunnarsdottir), who Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) has been holding captive. They free her and quickly evacuate the Temple. Once outside, they are all separated as guards notice them, and Lydia offers up her home to protect her small group of Knights Templar. Unfortunately, she is so overcome with grief when she first enters that she starts wailing and they are almost captured by guards. They manage to bluff their way out of the situation.

Rhone’s (Dean Ridge) group is surrounded as they try to escape, and Talus tells them to flee while he attacks the guards. They have no other option and stagger off while Talus somehow manages to down the entire group of guards before staggering off.

Simon Merrels as Tancrede and Tom Cullen as Landry
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Episode 8 of Knightfall Season 2 sees Landry and Gawain (Pádraic Delaney) hiding out together, and they come to fisticuffs over who caused the majority of the conflict between King Philip and the Templars. They can’t argue for long, as they are running for their lives and have to work together for the moment rather than fight.

Prince Louis might have been given orders from the king to find the Templars in Episode 8 of Knightfall Season 2. However, his only interest is to find Princess Margaret of Burgundy (Clementine Nicholson). When he finally breaks into the tower, he finds her dying and embraces her while she dies in his arms.

The pope is disgusted with King Philip and tells him so in the Season 2 finale episode of Knightfall before leaving.

King Philip actually prays after this and his daughter, Isabella (Genevieve Gaunt), is surprised to find him doing this. Philip tells her that she must go to England and become the queen there. He also tells her to be a wolf and not a sheep, as people are ruled better with an iron fist. She says she will remember every lesson he has ever taught her and says goodbye to her father in Episode 8 of Knightfall Season 2.

All of the Templars finally manage to gather and a plan is hatched that sees them attempting to steal King Philip’s royal ship. After some discussion, the Templars agree that this is the only way to escape the city and they set out for the docks.

Once there, guards are encountered and a battle breaks out. Sister Anne gets hit with an arrow and Tancrede (Simon Merrells) is devastated. He also gets hit with arrows and a decision is made that sees Tancrede left behind with Anne as the king arrives.

Ed Stoppard stars as King Philip the IV of France
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The king, who is enraged with the escape of Landry, is discussing the matter with William DeNogaret (Julian Ovenden) and Louis when Landry shows up to battle the king for ordering the death of his daughter. Louis steps aside and allows Landry to pass because, as Louis points out, his father has never been kind to the women he loved. DeNogaret also leaves the room, already admitting his new allegiance to Prince Louis, and Landry is left to battle it out with the man who killed Queen Joan (Olivia Ross).

A battle ensues, but even though Landry appears exhausted, he still manages to kill King Philip and viewers will have to wait to find out if Knightfall has been renewed for a third season to know what happens next.

As yet, no news has been released regarding Season 3 of History Channel’s Knightfall.