Pete Davidson Uses Mother’s Day To Reveal He Lives With His Mom

Pete Davidson used a bit on SNL’s Weekend Update this past weekend to reveal that he lives with his mother. Cosmopolitan reports that the comedian also brought his mother on stage after joking about her walking in on him during some personal moments.

“This is going to be a special Mother’s Day for me, because this year, she’s not just my mom, she’s also my roommate.”

“I know what people think,” he continued. “They see you on TV and magazines and stuff and they think, ‘Wow, that guy must have a place.’ Nope! But it’s not like I moved into her house, I just bought a house with my mom, like a winner.”

After the revelation, Colin Jost joked that most people buy homes for their parents, to which Davidson said that if he buys a home, it will be him that lives in it.

Apparently, Davidson’s home has an arcade in the basement, which he wanted to call “the man cave.” But he said that John Mulaney and his wife, Anna, said they wouldn’t be his friend anymore if he decided to stick with the name. The 25-year-old claims that he has decided to call it “The Basement” instead to hold onto their friendship.

As The Cheat Sheet reports, the revelation that Davidson lives with his mom has caused fans to speculate that the decision is due to his public breakup with actress Kate Beckinsale and failed engagement with singer Ariana Grande. Following his breakup with Grande, Davidson joked about finding a roommate after he had to move out of the apartment he had with the pop star.

After the recent breakups, Davidson has been focusing on his mental health to help him cope with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Grande, who got engaged to Davidson just a few weeks after the two started dating, recently shared a quote on Instagram that appears to be a reference to her relationship with Davidson and the process of letting go of him.

As The Inquisitr reported, Laurie David, Larry David’s wife and mother of Cazzie David, recently spoke about Cazzie’s feelings for Davidson — or lack thereof.

“She’s so over that. By the way, she just shot a pilot. She’s turning 25 years old and she already, in the can, has a pilot …”

She made the comments about Cazzie and Davidson — who dated for a tumultuous two years before their split in May 2018 — at the premiere of The Biggest Little Farm.

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