Update On The In-Ring Return Of Former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose

It has been a few weeks now since Dean Ambrose officially finished up with WWE and didn't sign a new contract to remain with the company. There have been a lot of rumors as to what could be going on with him and as reported by The Inquisitr, he even revealed the return of Jon Moxley. Now, there is an update as to when Ambrose/Moxley could head back to the ring, but he has a bit of other work to take care of first.

Ambrose has been teasing a bit on social media, but he hasn't given away nearly as much as the fans had been hoping for. He did reveal that he was going back to his old ring name and gimmick of Jon Moxley, but there was no word on when or where he'd actually return to the ring.

Deadline recently reported that Ambrose (real name Jonathan Good) had joined the cast of a movie called Cagefighter which is themed around the MMA world. It is in pre-production at this time, which means there is still a good deal of time left in the full work on this film.

It is not yet known what role will be played by Ambrose, but there is a rather nice cast for Cagefighter with Josh Herdman, Michael Jai White, Gina Gershon, Michelle Ryan, and Jason Maza. A number of MMA stars are also scheduled to appear in it as well as former WWE superstar Christian.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Dean Ambrose is expected to wrestle again on the independent scene or he may even sign with another promotion, but it won't be for a while. It is expected that he's not going to return to the ring until he's completely done with his work on Cagefighter.

There have been so many rumors connected to Ambrose since he left WWE as fans have tried to decipher his video of Jon Moxley's return. Some believe they had seen signs teasing he would appear at Double or Nothing next weekend for All Elite Wrestling, but that is still just speculation.

As reported by The Inquisitr, former WWE superstar Bully Ray said he wouldn't put it past Vince McMahon to be behind the whole thing. While it seems a bit out there, it wouldn't be unlike WWE to plan this whole angle and have Ambrose simply change gimmicks to Jon Moxley and stay with the company.

No matter what is going to happen wrestling-wise for Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley in the future, his focus right now is on filming a movie.