Rumor Claims Nick Jonas Dead

Silly season is in full swing on the fake celebrity death circuit, and today's rumor claims that Nick Jonas is dead.

According to "reports," Nick Jonas died at the Baylor University Medical Center at 7pm EST after going into cardiac arrest. One report claims Nick experienced chest pains and difficulty breathing while receiving a lap dance from an exotic dancer at the "Silver City Cabaret, a popular strip club in Dallas."

The fake reports claim Joe Jonas "mentioned Nick had neglected to properly treat his diabetes that evening, being completely enamored by the dancers." The fake Nick Jonas dead report even goes as far as quoting strippers at the club claiming that they thought he was drunk, as he regularly was while visiting.

Besides the likelihood of a Jonas Brother regularly frequenting a strip club being highly unlikely, there's also no serious outlet reporting the news, so we're calling 100% fake, but a 6/10 for originality.

Just for the record, Nick Jonas is not dead, Nick Jonas did not die, end of story.