Jon Cryer Compares Trump To Charlie Sheen

Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

Jon Cryer, the 1980s movie actor who reinvented himself later as the star of the long-running sitcom Two And a Half Men, supported John McCain for president in 2008, and has occasionally been included on lists of conservatives who work in Hollywood. However, during the Trump era Cryer has been consistently opposed to the president, to the point in which much of the actor’s social media presence is dedicated to railing against Trump.

In a Twitter message over the weekend, Cryer commented that the president is starting to remind him of a certain former co-star.

Quote-tweeting a message from Trump about Robert Mueller on Saturday, Cryer said Trump reminded him of him of Charlie Sheen, with whom he starred for years on Two And a Half Men before Sheen’s meltdown-driven exit in 2011.

“Having been through the Charlie Sheen madness I’ve seen this before,” Cryer said on Twitter.
“We’re a couple of weeks away from 3am webcam rants.”

Cryer had made that comparison before.

“I have been pointing out, and I have been screaming to the rooftops, that Donald Trump is the Charlie Sheen of politics,” Cryer said on the Never Not Funny podcast in the spring of 2016.

While the two men’s personalities are undoubtedly similar, in every way from accusations of narcissism to known associations with adult film actresses, the major difference is that Sheen is known for his substance abuse struggles, while the president famously is not a user of alcohol or drugs. However, Cryer said in that podcast interview that he believes Trump is “addicted to feeling important,” in the way that Sheen is addicted to drugs.

Sheen, famously, left Two and a Half Men in 2011 after a series of interviews and appearances in which he behaved erratically and disparaged series creator Chuck Lorre. The show continued for a few more years with Ashton Kutcher replacing Sheen. Sheen revealed in late 2015, per PBS, that he had been diagnosed as HIV-positive.

While Cryer is firmly anti-Trump, Sheen has given conflicting answers on his opinion of the president. The actor, whose father is the famously liberal actor Martin Sheen, told EW in 2016 that he dislikes Trump because he had given Sheen and his then-wife a wedding gift of “gold” cufflinks that turned out to be “cheap pewter and bad zirconias.” Later that year, Sheen tweeted his wish for the newly elected president to die, per Deadline.

However, Sheen did tweet, in 2015, that he would agree to be Trump’s running mate, in reaction to comments from Owen Wilson that compared Sheen and Trump.