Who Will Die In The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Finale?

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its 15th season and things aren’t looking too good for the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial. According to a report from TV Guide, viewers might have to be prepared for the death of at least one character.

During the penultimate episode of the season, a thick fog begins to roll in and Owen, played by Kevin McKidd, is trapped in a vehicle on the highway with fellow doctor Schmitt, played by Jake Borelli, and an agoraphobic patient with the rare blood needed to save another patient at the hospital. The fog is causing traffic to build up on the highway and suddenly, there is a loud crash. Owen tries to open the door of the car but he quickly realizes it isn’t safe as the crashes continue around him. With no escape to be seen, the passengers and driver of the vehicle are forced to sit helplessly waiting to be struck by some other vehicle on the road.

Meanwhile, Teddy, played by Kim Raver, is also stuck in a vehicle with Amelia, played by Caterina Scorsone. Teddy’s water has just broken and the two women are trying to rush to the hospital before it’s too late. Teddy has also just realized she is still in love with Owen and hopes to profess her love before the birth of the couple’s daughter. However, according to the report, it’s unlikely that, “both she and Owen are going to make it through this finale.”

Jesse Williams’ character, Jackson Avery, is also believed to be at risk. During the last episode, Jackson and Maggie, played by Kelly McCreary, spent most of their time camping in the wilderness. After Maggie gets stung by an insect and sprains her ankle, the couple decides it’s best to go back to civilization. But their plan is soon derailed when there’s a sudden burst of thunder and they realize the fog is much too thick to travel through.

“If Maggie is safe for plot reasons, that means that Jackson is extremely vulnerable if only to allow Williams more time to pursue his directorial ambitions and social justice work outside of the show,” the report explained.

It’s no secret that Grey’s Anatomy is known for bringing heartbreaking deaths to fan-favorite characters. Williams has even said that the show is known for “figuring out ways to get you invested in something just to rip you apart,” during an interview with BuzzFeed.

This means it is possible for one or more of these characters to die, but it should be noted that these are just theories, and the only way to know for sure is to watch the Season 15 finale of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 16.

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