WWE News: Superstar Officially Placed On ‘Raw’ And Teases Major Character Change Coming


In the middle of April, WWE held their annual Superstar Shake-Up which moved around a number of stars and put them on different brands. Even though most of the moves were done over a two-night period, some lingering transactions have happened over a couple of weeks. Now, one more superstar has been officially placed on Monday Night Raw, and at the same time, WWE is teasing a big change for one Nikki Cross.

Cross made her main roster debut back in November of last year when she answered an open challenge set forth by Becky Lynch. In December, Cross ended up being one of the six NXT superstars who had come up to the main roster and were able to jump back-and-forth between Raw and SmackDown Live.

Ever since that time, she has been in a bit of limbo as she wasn’t a part of SAnitY who had bee brought up to the main roster as well. Now, she’s going in a different direction and there will likely be a new character gimmick for her soon.

On this week’s episode of Main Event, Nikki Cross had a match which she ended up losing and it brought about a backstage interview. The official YouTube channel of WWE presented the interview in a rather strange fashion or at least, it was odd for Nikki Cross.

Featured image credit: WWE

The first thing is that Cross confirms she is the “newest Raw superstar,” and she says that tonight was her chance. Those who followed her in NXT and during her first few months on the main roster will notice the calm nature of her voice and how the crazy side of her just isn’t there.

“Tonight… tonight was my chance. The newest Raw Superstar, Nikki Cross… it was my chance to make an impact on Main Event tonight. It was my chance, and I lost. I lost. Is there something I need to change here? Do I need to change? What needs to change? Do I just fight from the ground up, scratching and clawing? What needs to change? I’m always talking in the dark — maybe it’s time to step out of the dark and take a long, good hard look in the mirror.”

Nikki Cross appears to be undergoing a change of some kind and the “Come out and play” attitude may be gone.

She certainly won’t be a part of SAnitY as the group has been completely dissolved and broken up. Eric Young was drafted to Monday Night Raw while Alexander Wolfe was moved to NXT UK and Killian Dane remained on SmackDown Live.