Michelle Obama Pays Tribute To Her Mom In Touching Instagram Post

Michelle Obama is arguably one of the most famous mothers in the world. As the former first lady, her parenting skills were carefully watched and scrutinized by the media. She and former president Barack Obama raised two young daughters while in office, and they are now just about all grown up. Malia Obama is 20-years-old and her little sister Sasha is 17. The girls certainly had an atypical childhood but seem to have turned out well nonetheless. Malia is a student at Harvard University and Sasha is also expected to go to a big name school when her time comes. In honor of Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, Michelle took to Instagram to share a picture of her two daughters and thank her own mother, according to Hollywood Life.

The photo features Michelle and her two daughters on a trip to Venice, Italy. In her lengthy caption, she recalled the gifts her own mother gave her throughout her lifetime that meant so much. One particular gift was a school trip to Paris that her mother could barely afford but managed to send her on anyway. But not all of the gifts she spoke of were physical. While Michelle’s family didn’t grow up with much, her mother always ensured she had everything she needed so that she could learn, grow, and become the best version of herself. Now, as a mother herself, she strives to hand down the same gifts to her daughters.

“With #MothersDay just a couple days away, I find myself thinking a lot about the way my mother raised me. And even though our family was crammed into a tiny apartment, one of the greatest gifts she gave me was the freedom to explore and develop into my own person. For instance, even though we didn’t have much money, she and my dad cobbled enough money together to send me on a high-school trip to Paris, which opened up the world to me in so many ways. And now that I’m raising kids of my own, I wanted to pass that lesson on to my own girls.”

Michelle’s daughters are growing up in a very different type of environment than she did at their age. Instead of a tiny apartment building, they got to spend their childhood roaming freely through the White House grounds. Nevertheless, though the settings may be different, Michelle emphasized that the lessons she has always wanted to pass down to her daughters remain the same.

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