‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 11 Spoilers, Recap: Hearts Single-Handedly Defeats Goku, Vegeta, And Trunks

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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11 continues the battle between the strongest fighters from Universe 11, Universe 7, and the Core Area Warriors led by Hearts. After being caught off-guard by Lagss, a humanoid female who is also a member of the Core Area Warriors, Son Goku’s body was heavily damaged, making him an easy target for the enemies. Luckily, Vegeta and Trunks came to defend him from both Kamioren (the fusion of Kamin and Oren) and Lagss.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11 saw Vegeta finally taking the spotlight after being controlled by his enemies. Kamioren was surprised how powerful Vegeta became when he went beyond the power of Super Saiyan Blue. In their latest face-off, Vegeta clearly had the upper hand in terms of speed and battle power. Using his special technique, “Final Flash,” Vegeta successfully separated the bodies of Kamin and Oren.

While Vegeta was busy fighting the twins, Trunks protected Son Goku from Lagss, who used a rare technique that enables her to turn anything she touches into a glass. When she was about to attack using spear glasses that appeared on the ground, Son Goku immediately pushed Trunks and sacrificed his own body. However, before she made her next move, Hearts ordered Lagss to go to Universe 3 and give Evil Cumber a hand. Lagss expressed her desire to continue fighting at Universe 11, but she has no choice but to follow her leader’s command.

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes featured Hearts fighting for the first time. Despite his current state, Son Goku was excited that he could finally test the power of the man who the leader of the Core Area Warriors. Before he made a move, Hearts revealed that he has the ability to read people’s minds, and told Son Goku that he knew that the “Silver Power” (Ultra Instinct) he used earlier wasn’t complete. Hearts said that even if Son Goku managed to completely master Ultra Instinct, he still had no chance of winning against him.

Son Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and attacked Hearts. Before Son Goku’s punch made contact, Hearts used his power and sent Son Goku to the ground. Vegeta and Trunks also tried to attack Hearts, but they suffered the same fate as Son Goku. Vegeta, Trunks, and Sun Goku returned to their base form. Luckily, the three Saiyans were saved by the Kaioshin of Universe 7, who gathered them all and teleported them away.

With Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks no longer at Universe 11, Hearts and the Core Area Warriors decided to go to another universe. Jiren tried to stop them from leaving, but Hearts used his power to seal him in a cube. The final scenes of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11 showed Super Fu introducing another member of the Core Area Warriors, one whose face resembled Freeza.