Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Loved Ones Face Farewell To Oscar And Sam’s Surprised By Something

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, May 13, suggest that there may be some tissues needed. A number of Oscar’s loved ones will be talking about the final farewell for the teen and this is going to be tough on everybody. Spoilers also suggest that there may be another Dawn of Day surprise on the way for Sam.

Viewers know that Oscar had talked with Ned and Olivia about taking care of planning his funeral. The preview shared at the end of Friday’s episode showed that Ned and Olivia will talk about this with Kim and Drew during Monday’s show.

She Knows Soaps notes that Kim will be feeling emotional during the May 13 episode, which is understandable considering what she is facing. The sneak peek reveals that Josslyn will be feeling quite emotional, too.

Josslyn will talk with Jax, Carly, and Sonny, admitting that she’s facing the last thing she wants to do. While viewers will have to wait until Monday to see if she is referring to the memorial service or something else, whatever she is dreading is surely related to grieving the loss of Oscar.

General Hospital spoilers note fans will see during Monday’s episode that Oscar put together plans for a full day of activities for his loved ones to bid farewell to him. While the coming week will seemingly show everybody’s last goodbyes in honor of Oscar, as The Inquisitr has noted, it seems that the character may be seen in additional scenes down the road.

Cameron is said to rise to the occasion in some way during the next show, too. Come Monday, everybody will see whether that’s in relation to Oscar or connected to the community service work Cam is doing. Whatever good thing Cameron does, General Hospital spoilers reveal that he gets testy with Franco about something in an upcoming conversation, too.

Monday’s episode also brings a conversation involving Jason, Sam, and Michael. Obviously, this will have something to do with Dawn of Day, but it’s not known yet exactly what the three will discuss. Whatever it is they talk about, it appears to be serious and potentially problematic, as Sam will question whether Jason knew about whatever it is they’re discussing.

Sam thinks she has a plan for taking down Shiloh, but she certainly shouldn’t underestimate him. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are a lot of juicy developments set to play out during the week of May 13, and fans won’t want to miss any of the drama slated to go down in the days ahead.