Beth Chapman’s Pal, Carrot Top, Posts Touching Message For Beth As Fans Worry About Her Declining Health

Teresa KroegerGetty Images

Beth Chapman is fighting for her life as she battles throat and lung cancer, and one of the most supportive pals in Beth’s life has come forward to share a touching message with the reality star, just as fans are worried that Beth’s health is declining. Comedian Carrot Top, along with his personal assistant Jeff Molitz, sang Beth a little song while sending her some well wishes during her difficult health ordeal.

As Beth posted to Instagram, Carrot Top and Molitz heard Kiss’ “Beth” on the radio, and it immediately made them think of the Dog’s Most Wanted star. He shared that they were on the way to do a show and they wondered how she was doing. Additionally, they hoped she was doing great and they were thinking of her.

Beth was elated at the shout-out and referred to the duo as her “dear friends” and the “rocks” on her foundation. She said that they make her laugh her behind off, but in all seriousness, they are two of the best friends and people she’s ever met.

As Pop Culture shared, Beth had her wide fan base concerned recently when she tweeted out that she was hoping to see her and her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman’s latest reality series air. Many of her fans jumped on the post to share that they were sending her good vibes and positive thoughts and that they were hopeful that she would be around to see the latest series premiere on WGN.

Fans of Beth, Dog, and the entire Chapman family have been keeping a watchful eye on Beth’s social media as she continues to battle cancer, which returned following a small stint of remission. Beth underwent emergency surgery to remove a blockage in November of last year and has since been treating the illness with chemotherapy and alternative medications, all while taping Dog’s Most Wanted and helping her husband catch America’s most wanted fugitives – a past time and career she plans to participate in for as long as she can.

According to Bradenton, Beth will visit South Florida this weekend to attend services at The Source Church, where she will share her story and invite her fans to pray alongside her as she continues to fight for her health. The special event is being held in honor of Mother’s Day.

“Fighting cancer is the toughest battle I’ve ever been in. But my faith in God and the love of my family is helping me through. I am so honored to have been asked by Pastors Ralph and Joanne to share my story with their congregation, especially on Mother’s Day,” Beth said of the event.