Spoilers For ‘The Bachelorette’ Tease Luke Parker Generates Negative Buzz During Hannah Brown’s Season

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One of the 30 men vying for Hannah Brown’s final rose this spring on The Bachelorette is Luke Parker. Fans got their first glimpse of this suitor when he was one of five bachelors who got to meet Hannah during The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special, and early spoilers hint that he will play a prominent role this season. However, gossip guru Reality Steve is sharing some new tidbits that suggest he may also turn out to be something of a villain during Brown’s journey.

While Luke did not get Hannah’s first rose during that ATFR appearance, The Inquisitr noted that he did make a big first impression during the first night of Bachelorette filming. Not only did he get Brown’s heart racing early on, but The Inquisitr also detailed that Parker was touted by Reality Steve as being an early frontrunner for Hannah’s final rose.

However, some recent Bachelorette spoiler previews left fans questioning whether Luke would end up being too good to be true. For example, the extended preview shared for the season via Twitter shows quite a bit of Parker, but not always in positive ways.

At one point, Hannah will ask Luke why it seems that none of the other guys like him. One guy says that Luke is a pathological, evil liar. Then, in another scene, Bachelorette spoilers reveal that Luke will get into a heated confrontation with one of the other guys, seemingly Garrett Powell.

Parker will yell at Powell, saying he’s been nothing but truthful and that Garrett is not going to mess it up. In another scene from the preview, one of Hannah’s bachelors seemingly tells Parker that he is a violent, aggressive psychopath.

The same preview clip seems to insinuate that Luke is also involved in an ambulance scene that appears to take place during a group date in Scotland where the competition may get too intense. In addition, Hannah and Luke will seemingly have a conversation where she’s urging him to show he’s all-in, and he somewhat nonchalantly says he’s not sure if he can get there.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier, host Chris Harrison does hint that there’s one guy in particular who doesn’t get along well with the others and who really causes some chaos this season. At this point, it sounds as if Harrison may be referring to Luke.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown meet during 'The Bachelor' finale
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The Bachelorette fans know that the editing process can make things look more negative or intense than they actually were during filming. Given that and the fact that Reality Steve had called Luke an early frontrunner, some wondered if the previews were portraying Parker negatively to throw everybody off the possibility that he’d get Brown’s final rose.

However, The Inquisitr recently shared Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve revealing that things did not go quite as anticipated. In addition, the gossip king just added some additional context via his blog.

Reality Steve explains, “Hannah was definitely into Luke.”

“I think it was his to lose and he lost it… I can’t think of one Bachelorette that ever chose a guy who was involved in a majority of the drama in the house because it’s never happened. And you will see Luke is involved in a lot this year.”

The blogger goes on to note that some of the drama surrounding Parker is based on jealousy, as he clearly was an early favorite of Brown’s. However, Reality Steve notes that plenty of the drama involving Luke was also of his own doing.

What will fans think of Luke Parker as Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season begins to air? If Reality Steve’s spoilers are right about when his journey ends this spring, it seems quite likely that he’ll be courted by the network to join Bachelor in Paradise this summer. If he does join BIP, viewers will be interested to see if he can rehab his image or if he ultimately ends up coming off as something of a bad boy villain.