Dog The Bounty Hunter And Beth Chapman Capture One Of The Country’s Most Wanted Fugitives

PopCulture reports that Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and his wife, Beth Chapman, just captured Leonard Trujillo Jr. — one of the most wanted fugitives in the United States. Not only that, Garry Boy Chapman, Dog’s youngest son, aided his father in the capture.

Trujillo has a long rap sheet, one that includes numerous violent offenses — including armed robbery, bank robbery, and assault on a police officer. His arrest in Rocky Ford, Colorado, led to the capture of four other individuals.

“This guy’s record is horrendous,” Dog said.

“He has terrorized this peaceful town enough. He tried to run – but you can’t hide from me! We are making America safe again, one city at a time.”

As The Inquisitr reported, the bounty-hunting couple enlisted the help of locals in the neighborhood to help them track down Trujillo Jr. Multiple witnesses saw Dog during his hunt for the criminal, and some also saw Beth with him.

Dog’s Most Wanted, Dog and Beth’s new reality series, doesn’t have a release date yet, but when it airs on WGN America fans will get to see the pair in action when they catch Trujillo Jr. Gavin Harvey, the president of the television broadcasting company, spoke about the series — and of the pair’s history of bringing their unique true-crime experiences to the public.

“In this brand new series, millions of Dog and Beth fans will join them on bigger hunts, pursuing more dangerous criminals, with a supporting cast of tough as nails crime fighters.”

Dog says that crime in America is rising, and he claims that criminals are having an easier time slipping through the controls of the system.

“With more and more dangerous criminals running the streets the time couldn’t be better for the World’s Greatest Network to bring back the World’s Greatest Bounty Hunter. Fugitives beware!”

Beth is currently fighting cancer. She said that her faith — and her love of her family — is helping her push through, as The Inquisitr reported. She received her first diagnosis of throat cancer back in 2017, which eventually led to treatments that led her doctors to believe she was cured. But last November, her doctors discovered that the cancer had returned. Not only that, it had spread to her lungs.

Despite her health issues, Beth continues to fight them head-on and lives her life as she always has — tracking fugitives with Dog, and enjoying time with family and friends. Although she had another health scare in April, Dog reportedly stays by her side during these times, a devoted and loving husband.

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