John Mulaney Reveals ‘SNL’ Boss Not A Fan Of Pete Davidson’s Body Art

Pete Davidson’s boss at Saturday Night Live, Lorne Micheals, is reportedly not a big fan of the many tattoos the comedian has on his body, per Page Six. Apparently, it was neither Michaels nor Davidson who revealed the tidbit of information to the public, but rather Davidson’s pal, comedian John Mulaney.

Mulaney was speaking to fans during a Q&A at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Page Six details. There, the comedian revealed that he once spoke to the SNL boss about Davidson’s tattoos, after the topic came up in conversation. As of late, Mulaney has been performing in a comedy show with Davidson, who was also answering questions from fans.

Mulaney explained that Michaels reportedly said to him, “He keeps getting tattoos and, you know, they’re coming up the neck. I get it if you’re a girl and it’s on your neck, or if you’re like a boy in the Army.”

Davidson then detailed a conversation which he had shared with Michaels, “We were sitting down and Lorne goes ‘So, you have a tattoo of a wolf. Is that so you won’t forget what they look like?'”

The Saturday Night Live star has been touring with Mulaney, and they work together to deliver their skewed take on the world. The two produce a series of comedy shows, and obviously enjoy taking the audience along with them on their journey.

Mulaney was a writer on Saturday Night Live for six seasons, from 2008 through 2012. He has three stand-up comedy specials available on Netflix: New in Town, The Comeback Kid, and his most recent, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. Mulaney won an Emmy Award for the latter special.

Davidson has appeared on Saturday Night Live for five years thus far, beginning when he was just 20. The comedian shot his first one-hour stand up special for Comedy Central in 2016, and was named one of Forbes’ 2016 “30 Under 30.” He can currently be seen in the Netflix film about heavy metal band Motley Crue, titled The Dirt.

Davidson is also known for his romantic exploits. He began dating writer Cazzie David in May of 2016. The couple split two years later, officially ending their on-again, off-again relationship in early 2018 — weeks before Davidson hooked up with pop singer Ariana Grande.

Grande and Davidson became engaged in June of 2018, weeks after they started dating. They ended their engagement — and their relationship — that same year, in October.

Just three months later, Davidson began dating actress Kate Beckinsale, but their relationship ended after only four months.

Mulaney has been married to Annamarie Tendler since 2014. The couple married at a venue in New York’s Catskill Mountains.

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