WWE Rumors: Former Champion Will Be Paid To Sit At Home Until His Contract Expires


There has been a lot of confusion going around lately in WWE and it has to do with contracts, deals, and superstars requesting their releases. Luke Harper is one of those who publicly came out and asked to be let go from his WWE contract, but The Inquisitr reported that WWE actually had it extended due to his missing time. Now, it appears as if the company won’t even do anything except to pay him to sit at home for close to a year.

In the middle of April, Harper asked Vince McMahon for his release from WWE and posted his request on Twitter as well. He was concerned about how he was being used in the company and wanted to be let go if WWE had no plans for him in any capacity.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., Vince advised Harper to take it up with Triple H. Upon doing that, Triple H didn’t respond to Harper directly and the former WWE Intercontinental Champion had six months added to his contract because of time missed due to injury.

Now, Harper’s contract isn’t going to expire until sometime close to WrestleMania 36, which will be taking place on April 5, 2020. There are no current plans in the works for Harper and he has not been given any future scheduled matches for TV or live events, which means he may very well remain inactive for several months while still getting paid by WWE.

WWE superstar Luke Harper awaits his next opponent.
Featured image credit: WWE

Once Triple H didn’t respond to Harper, the former Wyatt Family member hopped on Twitter and let fans know what was going on. He was hoping to get his release as some other superstars had been granted theirs, but that wasn’t the case.

Vince McMahon reached out to Harper earlier this month and advised him that he was not going to be released from his contract. After that news got out, fans thought they’d see Harper back on TV soon and involved in another angle of some kind.

Rumors started up that Harper could join Bray Wyatt in his new Firefly Funhouse gimmick, but there is not much to all of that speculation. A fan recently reached out to Wyatt on Twitter and threw the idea around, which brought about a response.

Now, Luke Harper hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35 and that could be it. If nothing changes between the company and the former multi-time tag team champion, there’s a good chance that WWE Universe has already seen the last of Harper.