Blake Shelton Shares Gwen Stefani's Reaction To His Proposal Countdown Clock

Blake Shelton is revealing how girlfriend Gwen Stefani reacted to him being gifted with a proposal countdown clock after Ellen DeGeneres urged him to pop the question to the mom-of-three during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Blake revealed what Gwen really thought of the gift, and also shared exactly what she said after Ellen suggested that she could be the one to propose.

Shelton was asked about the gift while chatting with the site on The Voice red carpet this week, admitting that his girlfriend of more than three years most definitely saw the funny side of the present and actually loves it.

"She loves it," the "I'll Name The Dogs" singer said of the present – which was supposed to put the pressure on him to ask Gwen to marry him. "She loves Ellen, any gift from Ellen."

However, he hasn't actually been able to present Stefani with the unique gift just yet, as he revealed that he wasn't allowed to leave the studio with it and is having it sent out to him.

"There wasn't any glass on it, I guess for camera purposes. They didn't want the reflection, so she said she wants to have the glass put back in it and then she's gonna send it over to me," Shelton revealed, admitting that he tried to walk away with it after chatting with the daytime host but wasn't allowed to.

"She's getting it fixed up for me for sure," The Voice coach then added, admitting that it will "probably be up to" Stefani as to whether or not they clock actually goes on the wall.

He also made it clear that there's little chance of Stefani actually proposing to him rather than the more traditional other way around, admitting that she told him that "this is not how this is gonna work'" after Ellen suggested it.

DeGeneres gave Shelton the jokey present during his most recent appearance on her show, telling him that it was a countdown to get down on one knee.

Handing over the huge clock which featured a cute picture of the twosome sharing a kiss, the country superstar jokingly flipped the moment back around to his girlfriend by saying, "So you're saying... there's a chance she's going to ask me to marry her?"

"You're saying with this clock," Shelton added.

Ellen then teased on the show, "Now that she knows that you're waiting for her to ask, now that she sees this, she'll ask you."

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani attend STX Films World Premiere of
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As The Inquisitr reported back in February, the comedian and talk show host did the exact same thing with Jennifer Lopez on her show mere days before her now-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, popped the question.

DeGeneres presented the "Love Don't Cost A Thing" singer with a very similar gift just before Valentine's Day earlier this year and quipped at the time, "It's basically to remind [Alex] that time is ticking and he should hurry up and propose."