Richard Gere Only Did Horribly Bad Comedy Film As A Favor

If you didn’t go see Movie 43, don’t even bother. Despite the star-studded cast, the film has been universally panned by critics and outright rejected by audiences, so much so that many of the film’s cast are distancing themselves from it.

Richard Gere said that he hasn’t seen Movie 43 and only agreed to participate in the film as a favor to his producer friend Charles B. Wessler.

The famous flop includes appearances by Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and many more, but fortunately for the actors involved, no one seems to blame them for not knowing what they had signed on for. After all, Movie 43 was reportedly made over the course of several years, and none of the actors had a real sense of the overall project at all.

For Gere’s appearance, he plays a company executive behind a product called iBabe, which is a life-sized replica of a nude woman that also works as a music player, reports MSN.

Britain’s Guardian asked Gere what he thought of Movie 43 and what he can say about it. He did not mince words in his response:

“Other than apparently it’s a piece of s—? Nothing. I haven’t seen it. The guy who put it together [Wessler] is the godfather of my stepdaughter, a close friend of my wife. He said: ‘Please would you spend half a day on the movie?’ He showed me the skit and it was quite an innocuous thing, so I did it. I haven’t even thought about it since, to tell you the truth. Never will see it.”

Did you see Movie 43? What did you think?