WWE Rumors: Huge Spoilers Regarding New ‘Wild Card Rule’ And Upcoming ‘Monday Night Raw’

Earlier this week, Vince McMahon introduced the brand new “Wild Card Rule” which is going to change the entire scene of WWE’s brand extension. The Inquisitr broke down the entire rule and detailed how four superstars will be able to jump shows each week, and others could be fired. Now, there are spoilers leaking out regarding a future Monday Night Raw and it appears as if familiar faces will be those who take advantage of this new rule.

Vince McMahon revealed that four superstars from Raw and four from SmackDown Live can jump shows each week under this “Wild Card Rule.” This past week, Roman Reigns, Elias, Kofi Kingston, and Daniel Bryan were some of those appearing on WWE’s flagship show from the blue brand.

Now, it seems as if some of the very same names will keep going back and forth as time goes on. While WWE is saying this is all just a part of the storyline, it is likely that this is to help boost ratings across both shows.

There is still the Money In The Bank pay-per-view and a few weeks to pass until it happens, but at that event, Roman Reigns will take on Elias in a singles match. Wrestling Inc. is reporting that feud will likely continue into June as an advertisement now has them appearing on Raw on June 17, 2019.

The June 17 episode of Monday Night Raw will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and the arena has already started promoting it. Right now, there is an advertisement for the show which has a 2-on-1 Handicap Match which has Shane McMahon and Elias taking on Roman Reigns.

All three of those superstars are members of the SmackDown Live roster and not a part of the red brand. Having them advertised for Raw can only mean that they are going to take advantage of the “Wild Card Rule” once again.

The advertisements also have some possible dark matches promoted and they are:

  • Baron Corbin vs. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins
  • Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles

WWE’s official website still has Reigns as appearing at a blue brand WWE Live Event on the same night as the June 17th Raw. Chances are that they simply haven’t updated that page as of yet and are looking not to spoil their own show.

This new “Wild Card Rule” is going to be very interesting to see which superstars take advantage of the legal brand jumping. Roman Reigns and Elias are both former members of the Raw roster moved over in the WWE Superstar Shake-Up, but they are now feuding on SmackDown Live and it looks as if it will continue for some time.

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