Angie J. Weight-Loss Pictures: See The Ohio Woman’s Changes After ‘My 600-LB Life’


Angie J. was more than 600 pounds when she made the trek to Houston to see renowned surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan with the hopes of changing her life, and now the My 600-LB Life subject appears to have found the start of that change.

The Ohio woman, whose full name is Angela Marie Dunham-Johns, was featured on Wednesday’s episode of the TLC docu-series, showing what was a very trying journey toward weight loss. As TLC noted in a preview of the episode, Angie faced considerable obstacles including struggles in her own family that she needed to overcome before she could even begin to lose weight.

The episode showed that Angie had the support of her husband, however.

“I want to see her get better so she can have a life, and we can have a life together,” husband Justin said in the episode.

Despite the rocky road, Angie J. appeared to make some progress after she appeared on My 600-LB Life, and had some weight-loss pictures to show for it. The Ohio woman is seeking to continue her program and started a GoFundMe page to help her relocate to Houston on a full-time basis. This season showed an increasing number of patients who chose to actually put down roots in Houston so they could be closer to Dr. Now and work hand-in-hand during their treatment.

The changes have been dramatic, with some of the biggest weight-loss in the show’s history among those who chose to relocate to Houston.

As Angie J. wrote in the fundraiser’s description, she hoped to find the same kind of dramatic changes. According to her, there really was no alternative.

“I am almost 40 years old and I have been over weight almost all my life, and I’ve tried several different diets and diet fads with no avail. And my weight being at almost 600lbs has left me almost bedridden and desperate to get this life saving surgery,” she wrote.

Angie added that moving 1,900 miles from her home and leaving her children and grandchildren was a difficult decision, but knew that she would likely be looking at an early death if she didn’t make it to Houston.

The pictures that Angie J. has posted so far show off some weight loss — Distractify noted that she lost 40 pounds already — and could give fans a glimpse of the journey ahead as she seeks to lose even more after My 600-LB Life.