Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Willow Worries Shiloh Could Wreak Havoc For Wiley

Michael YadaABC

Things seem to be heating up with the baby swap storyline, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Thursday’s show will have more on this front. Willow is growing increasingly worried about what might happen to Wiley as a result of his supposed ties to Shiloh, and she’ll voice some new concerns during the May 9 episode.

As viewers saw on Wednesday, Willow confronted Lucas and Brad about letting Wiley become connected to Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Brad refuses to believe anything bad about DoD, but he knows why Willow has an interest in the baby. Unfortunately, Lucas is all-around perplexed and mostly in the dark about all of this.

At the end of Wednesday’s show, Willow admitted to Chase that Wiley is her biological son — or at least that’s what she still believes. Of course, as viewers know, the real Wiley died months ago, and the baby Brad and Lucas are raising is really Michael and Nelle’s son, Jonah.

General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be complicated enough, but Willow will raise another potential problem. She hid her pregnancy from Shiloh, and she will point out to Chase that the baby’s biological father never consented to the adoption.

Of course, the writers may end up taking some liberties when it comes to adoption law as it applies to Willow’s placement of Wiley. In reality, as the site Considering Adoption details, Shiloh would have some significant barriers to overcome if he tried to disrupt the adoption at this point. The fictional town of Port Charles is supposedly located in New York, and there are strict guidelines in place regarding placement and consent in the state.

For starters, New York has what is called a Putative Birth Father Registry. As the Office of Children and Family Services in New York State explains, the registry is the vehicle unwed birth fathers utilize to ensure they are given notice of any legal proceedings involving the child in cases of adoption — or other custodial issues.

Typically, a potential birth father needs to take the initiative to register himself, whether he knows of the pregnancy or not. He may do this ahead of the baby’s birth, or within a certain period of time after the birth. If he doesn’t, it is generally difficult to intervene in an adoption placement at a later date.

In addition, in New York at least, a birth father trying to intervene in an adoption generally needs to prove to a judge, in court, that he had been involved, physically and financially, with the child’s mother — and the pregnancy — for at least six consecutive months prior to the adoption placement. Obviously, in Willow and Wiley’s case, Shiloh cannot demonstrate that, as she took off once she learned of the pregnancy.

Diane and Alexis handled Wiley’s placement, and adoption placements can usually be finalized three months or so after placement in the state of New York. While Lucas and Brad perhaps have not made a big deal of finalizing this adoption, in all likelihood the process has been completed. Diane and Alexis would not have been able to get the adoption finalized if the birth father issues had not been resolved.

Of course, some adoption cases do turn upside down after finalization, and that can happen due to a birth father contesting the placement. If Shiloh were to learn of Willow’s pregnancy — and come to find out that the baby was placed for adoption — he could certainly try to raise the issue, even if the odds of success were low.

Just trying to overturn the adoption could be enough for the whole baby swap saga to finally be revealed. Brad would likely come out with the truth about Willow’s biological son dying, so that Shiloh’s potential claim to the baby would be negated. Julian knows this juicy tidbit, but only Brad and Nelle know the baby is really Michael’s.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that, during Thursday’s show, Lucas will pressure Julian to explain what is going on with Brad. Julian surely won’t reveal much, but this could start the process for the truth emerging, too. Julian won’t want to see Lucas hurt, but he craves a better relationship with his son. Therefor, he’ll be in a tight spot here.

Even if this latest development does inch the baby swap storyline forward to a degree, the latest General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that this will take some time to play out in full. Fans are anxious to see Michael reunited with his son, but they all know that Willow faces more heartbreak in learning her son died to get to that point. It appears that there are several complicated twists and turns ahead for the people of Port Charles.