‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Has Concerns As Jason Orchestrates A Rescue & Romance Is Coming For ‘JaSam’

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that there are tantalizing moments ahead for Sam and Jason. Jason is trying to get Sam out of the Dawn of Day house before Shiloh can make her a member of “The Trust.” In addition, in the days ahead, “JaSam” fans will finally get some truly romantic moments between the two after weeks of hiding their love.

As The Inquisitr noted, Wednesday’s episode will have more with Jason working to get Sam out of the DOD house before anything too substantial happens. Shiloh is so enamored with her that he decided to do the initiation on his own and the last that viewers saw, he was preparing to tattoo her with his special symbol as Jason entered the house downstairs.

She Knows Soaps shares General Hospital spoilers noting that Sam will be voicing some concerns during the May 8 show. Will she find a way to stall with Shiloh?

Previews for the week have shown that she will hear the ruckus downstairs in the DOD house, and she may use this to stop Shiloh from doing the tattoo and pursuing intimate moments with her.

The preview shared via Twitter also shows that Jason will make his way to the space where Sam and Shiloh are, and he’ll knock out the DOD leader. This will surely get Sam out of this tight spot, but it doesn’t necessarily resolve anything long term.

Sam may end up telling Shiloh that this is more of Jason’s obsessive nature, playing it that she was anxious to move forward but Jason took matters into his own hands against her wishes. Shiloh is so taken with her that he may believe this.

General Hospital spoilers detail that this dance will continue into next week. Apparently, during the episode airing on Wednesday, May 15, Sam will offer up a proposal of some nature to Shiloh. Luckily, additional May sweeps teasers reveal that there are some better moments for Jason and Sam on the way.

The new print edition of ABC Soaps in Depth teases that at some point soon, Sam and Jason will get a bit of a breather. Co-head writer Shelly Altman shared General Hospital spoilers noting that the Shiloh situation won’t be resolved yet, but “JaSam” fans do have something good to look forward to in an episode airing soon.

“They may finally have a chance to really enjoy their reunion the way they should, before they delve into other problems.”

There has been speculation that Shiloh may be killed off soon. However, General Hospital spoilers haven’t gotten that specific yet in terms of where this DOD storyline heads.

Will Sam be able to back off now that Kristina has chosen to go home to her mom’s or will she keep pushing forward in order to get her hands on the pledge Krissy made? General Hospital spoilers tease that fans will see plenty of juicy developments playing out regarding all of this over the next couple of weeks.