iPhone game developers set to enjoy post-Christmas sales boom

For most of the games industry, the weeks immediately after Christmas have been a barren affair, with spent-up consumers buying few games or consoles. However, for those who develop ultra-cheap iPhone gaming apps, it’s a different story.

Indeed, iPhone fan network PlayHaven reckons that the week following Christmas will become the biggest ever for iPhone gaming activity. Thanks to all those new iPhones that were received last week, game sales are expected to take flight (speaking of which, that picture up there is of Flight Control. It’s utterly ace, and if you are a new iPhone owner, you should download it, pronto). Here’s PlayHaven CEO Raymond Lau:

“The week between Christmas and New Years has become the great ‘Game Rush’ for iPhone games – essentially what Black Friday is to brick and mortar retailers.”

As Justin at Joystiq points out, it’s like Black Friday, but with less sweaty, grumpy jerks crushing you. What’s not to love?

[Via Joystiq]