The Naked Chefs: Vegan Food Bloggers Launch Naked Cooking Revolution

Three British roommates have caused quite a stir — and gained quite a fan base — with their food blog “Naked Vegan Cooking.” The trio allegedly thought of the idea of a naked cooking site when they moved in together two years ago. The idea has gone viral, with thousands of self-proclaimed “naked chefs” sending in photos from around the globe.

The idea came to the group — called Jess, Luke, and Greta — while they were discussing co-authoring a blog to share their vegan-inspired recipes. According to Jess, “We decided to team up and create a blog to share our recipes. At the time we thought of the idea, Luke happened to be in the kitchen cooking naked and Naked Vegan Cooking was born.”

Simple as that.

“We soon realized that by being naked we can talk about some of the issues that we care about – creating positive body image, showing real naked bodies in a world of photoshopped, unrealistic images, and feminism.”

The founders insist that there is “not an airbrush in sight” and that they publish pictures of real people in their “natural state.” The site has nearly 2,000 Facebook likes. The group — who insist that there is nothing sexual about their relationship — have 2,600 followers on Twitter. They are now considering writing an anthology of essays.

While cooking naked may be beneficial for the soul and encourage self-acceptance and healthy body-image (plus, it’s kind of humorous), cooking naked is not without its dangers.

Jess notes that she has had a couple “cooking mishaps.”

“We quickly learned that aprons are not the enemy,” she notes.

The group have strong ethical issues about staying on a strict vegan diet but try not to pressure others into making the same dietary choice. The site is more about self-acceptance than a rigid diet.

Luke notes, “I kind of have this impression that a lot of vegans are obsessed with ‘purity’; scouring ingredients for small traces of animal products that probably don’t make a massive impact on animal suffering.”

“Veganism is not the revolution.”

Have you ever cooked in the nude? Would you ever post a picture of it online?

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