Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Brad Gets A Warning & Willow Worries About Her Secret Emerging

Rick RowellABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode suggest that the presence of Dawn of Day in Port Charles is going to continue to wreak havoc for many core characters. Kristina has realized that she is better off with her family than with DOD, at least for now, but others are being snagged in Shiloh’s web of deception.

As Tuesday’s episode ended, Sam was about to be tattooed by Shiloh in a private, accelerated initiation process. However, Jason had gotten a message from Sonny that Kristina was safe. Now, it was time to pull Sam out of DOD as he had busted down the door and started the search for Sam.

Viewers will see more of that during Wednesday’s show, and the sneak peek for the May 8 episode teased some additional General Hospital spoilers. Willow bravely told Kristina and her loved ones about her experience with Shiloh and DOD, and that clearly made a big impact.

However, as Willow talks with Chase, the two will acknowledge that her own DOD problems have not yet been fully resolved. The sneak peek for Wednesday shows that Chase will note how Willow is facing pressure to return to Dawn of Day. He’ll vocalize an understanding that if Willow doesn’t return that she faces the likelihood that Harmony will tell Shiloh about the pregnancy.

Of course, Willow wants to protect Wiley, believing that Wiley is her biological son. However, Chase doesn’t know that the family she placed her baby with is in Port Charles, and Willow doesn’t know that her biological son died shortly after he was placed.

Not only does Willow worry about Shiloh finding out about the pregnancy, she worries about Brad’s interest in DOD. She desperately wants to keep Wiley away from DOD, so having the baby’s adoptive father fall right into the DOD trap terrifies her.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Willow won’t be the only one voicing concerns about Brad’s growing connection to Shiloh’s organization. Valerie and Brad will have a chat during the next show, and Valerie will tell him that DOD is bad news.

She Knows Soaps notes that Valerie will be offering somebody her advice, and it sounds as if that probably happens during this conversation with Brad. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Lucas will reach out to someone for help, and it’ll be interesting to see if his need for assistance is connected to Valerie and Brad’s conversation in some way.

The Inquisitr teases that the weekly sneak peek video reveals that Jason will knock out Shiloh as he rushes to rescue Sam, and it’ll be quite interesting to see what happens in relation to DOD after that. General Hospital spoilers hint that Dawn of Day will remain a prominent storyline throughout the rest of the May sweeps period, and viewers are anxious to see Shiloh taken down by somebody soon.