Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chase Finds Kristina And Sam Delivers Her Pledge To Shiloh

Craig SjodinABC

Tuesday’s General Hospital episode will definitely get people buzzing. Not only is there another confrontation coming between Nina and Willow, along with the return of Jax, but Chase will show up at the safe house where Kristina has been staying.

Chase and Valerie have been determined to find Kristina, but Alexis, Sonny, and Michael had been fairly successful in keeping the two detectives at a distance. During Monday’s show, Willow opened up to Kristina at the house about her experiences with Shiloh and Dawn of Day, and what she shared seemed to have an impact on everybody at the house.

Now, the sneak peek for Tuesday’s show reveals that Chase will show up at the house not long after Willow and Michael leave. Viewers will have to tune in to see exactly how Chase found the house, but he will comment that Krissy has been difficult to find.

Did Chase tail Michael and Willow, and if so, will that cause a fracture in his relationship with Willow? How will Kristina respond when Chase starts asking her questions?

She Knows Soaps details that Alexis will feel overjoyed in some way during Tuesday’s show. It seems likely that this will come as Kristina defends her family or somehow indicates to Chase that she is fine and that he has no reason to continue his investigation. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Kristina may not be fully ready to turn her back on Dawn of Day yet.

As this all plays out at the safe house, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will meet with Shiloh to deliver her pledge. Viewers watched in earlier episodes when she and Jason decided to manufacture a story about Jason killing somebody, an incident that Sam supposedly witnessed. Sam is determined to get access to Shiloh’s inner circle, and she’ll take the next step during Tuesday’s show.

The Inquisitr previously detailed that Nina and Willow will butt heads again during the May 7 episode, as Nina somehow interprets Michael and Willow’s chat as something flirtatious. In addition, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jax will surprise both his loved ones and foes in Port Charles by arriving in town.

During Monday’s show, Peter got a pep talk from Anna and invited Maxie to finally go on a true first date with him. The couple will start that adventure during Tuesday’s show, and as The Inquisitr shared, Peter will make grand plans to take Maxie to Paris for this excursion.

What will Kristina decide to do about Dawn of Day now that Willow bared her soul? What will end up keeping Jax in town, and how far will Sam go to take down Shiloh? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get wild in the days ahead, and fans will be anxious to watch it all play out.