Jillian Harris Is Unrecognizable 10 Years After ‘The Bachelorette,’ Here’s Why She Looked Different At Reunion

Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesJohn Fleenor/ABC

The Bachelorette reunion featured 12 former stars of ABC’s dating franchise, as they celebrated the long-running show’s upcoming 15th season. But one of The Bachelorette’s leading ladies has had a major transformation since headlining the rose-filled reality show exactly 10 years ago.

As The Bachelorette reunion special aired, some fans were having trouble placing Jillian Harris. The gorgeous Canadian designer and TV host starred as The Bachelorette in 2009 after finishing as Jason Mesnick’s second runner-up on The Bachelor earlier that year. Harris had a hilarious “hot dog” toppings theory about men, and she ended her season with an engagement to tech consultant Ed Swiderski. Harris and Swiderski broke up the following year.

When Jillian Harris appeared onscreen at the 2019 ABC reunion, some fans took to Twitter to comment on her changed appearance.

“Jillian had quite a bit of plastic surgery, does not look at all like she did on the show,” one Bachelorette fan wrote. “Not bad, just different.”

Others posted to the social media site to simply say they didn’t recognize Jillian Harris 10 years after her reign as The Bachelorette. Indeed, Jillian was not even 30 years old when she headlined the ABC reality show a decade ago, and now she will turn 40 this year.

While aging could explain part of the change, Jillian, who is now a mom of two, also has lighter hair than she did 10 years ago. In addition, the reality star has been open about her plastic surgery following her season of The Bachelorette. The Love It or List It Vancouver host previously told fans on her blog that she felt pressure to get a nose job after people bullied her online about her appearance, according to Hello! magazine.

In a post titled “10 Things I Learned from Reality TV,” Jillian Harris wrote that some people are just mean and that she usually copes by simply feeling sorry for them.

“So if someone says you’re fat, have a hot dog nose (yes this happened, and yes I got a nose job because of it) choose the route of empathy instead of anger.”

While Jillian Harris said mean comments prompted her to go under the knife, she clarified that she only did it one time and has had no other work done on her face.

Since her days as The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris has found love and happiness with fiancé Justin Pasutta and their kids, Leo and Annie. Jillian has also kept her sense of humor and was truly the life of the party during The Bachelorette reunion.

The new season of The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 13 on ABC.