Tiffany Haddish Says 'Girls Trip' Sequel Has Unsure Future

According to Tiffany Haddish, production on the sequel to the successful movie Girls Trip may have hit a wall, Page Six reports.

While co-stars Queen Latifah and Regina Hall have indicated that progress on the hit comedy is smooth, Haddish recently made a comment suggesting the situation was considerably grimmer.

Last week, Haddish was present at the Natural Resources Defense Council's Night of Comedy, where an audience member asked her about the highly anticipated film.

"I wish there was, I hope there is. I have been petitioning for it. I've even written a script for it. Me and the girls punched it up and made it good. They don't want it. We understood how much money could be made, and they don't want to pay it. So I doubt it."

"So we're just going to make our own movie — called Is She on the Trip? Ooooh."

The mischievous Haddish then fired back at the person who asked her the question, asking if the individual is "gonna invest in it."

Latifah's update to People magazine last week also highlighted that the movie had no script. She stressed that all the actors were in for Girls Trip 2, and they were just waiting for a script to materialize. The performer said Haddish called her two weeks prior to the interview maintaining that she, Latifah, and Hall could write a script themselves.

Hall has also reportedly stated that she is looking forward to moving the story forward.

A source close to Universal Studios told Page Six that no script has been presented for a sequel to the movie and there is no film currently in progress.

A representative for Haddish insisted the comedian's comments were all part of a joke. She mentioned that Haddish would love to make the movie one day but has not been involved in the writing of any script, so the studio had nothing to pass on.

A studio representative praised the star's talent and stated that they continue to have a positive and fruitful relationship with the actress. Universal said they look forward to working with her on upcoming projects.

Meanwhile, Haddish's star continues to rise, as she recently made the rounds promoting the highly-reviewed animated show Tuca and Bertie, which follows the friendship between two 30-year-old bird-women who live together in the same apartment, Page Six reported. She provides the voice of Tuca, a toucan and Bertie's best friend.

Regardless of the outcome of the Girls Trip sequel, Haddish has maintained that she has no intention of halting her string of successful projects.

"We gotta go all the way up to the top. We still halfway up the mountain, there's a lot left to do," she said.