May 5, 2019
Noel Fisher's Return To 'Shameless' Was Announced A Month Ago & Fans Are Still Raving

Three weeks ago The Inquisitr first reported that not only would Cameron Monaghan be returning to Shameless for Season 10, but his lover Mickey Milkovich, played by Noel Fisher, would be joining him.

As those who follow Shameless news and those who watched Season 9 know, Monaghan had initially made the decision to walk away from the Showtime series. At the time, the mid-season finale was believed to be his last episode. Cameron, however, had a change of heart and decided he wasn't finished telling the story of Ian Gallagher just yet.

With Fisher making a brief guest appearance during the Season 9 mid-season finale to give Ian's character the send-off fans wanted, many hoped Cameron's decision to return to the cast meant Noel would follow.

Coined as the fan favorite couple of the series, viewers had their wishes granted as they anxiously wait for the release of Season 10.

While Season 10 of Shameless does not yet have a release date, Fisher remains active via social media as he is currently part of the cast of a CBS drama series titled The Red Line with a new episode airing tonight.

In fact, the 35-year-old actor took to his Instagram account less than two hours ago to remind his 814,000 followers to tune into the new episode which airs tonight only on CBS.

The photo featured Fisher rocking a navy-blue baseball cap with several layers of jackets and an undershirt. Despite being a post intended to promote the new CBS series, it didn't take long for Shameless fans to flood the comments section.

Some fans quickly pointed out the fact that the blurred house in the background looked like the Gallagher home. Other bartered that they would happily tune in and watch the CBS series if the actor agreed to have as much screen time in Season 10 of Shameless as possible.

"Okay. Only if I can catch the whole 10th season of #shameless with you in it!!!! Deal? Good," one Instagram user jested in the comments.

In less than two hours, the snapshot has accumulated over 9,000 likes and over 100 comments.

Shameless fans have not held back from flooding the comments of his other recent Instagram posts as well.

"Mickey will never be a cop, Well unless he's faking it but even then he'll be a great one. God I can't wait for S10," one Shameless fan joked in the comments of his Instagram post from last week as they admitted to having a hard time seeing Fisher as a cop.