May 5, 2019
'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: May Sweeps Bring Crazy Drama To Salem

Days of Our Lives spoilers are revealing that there will be a ton of drama for May sweeps.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Days of Our Lives viewers will have no shortage of wild storylines and shocking moments in the weeks to come.

The report reveals that although Eric Brady fell in love with Sarah Horton, those feelings will be no match for what he feels for the love of his life, Nicole Walker, now that she's back in town.

However, in a stunning turn of events, Nicole and Eric will be ripped apart yet again, and it will leave everyone in Salem shocked and dismayed.

However, Nicole will have bigger problems than her love life. After her daughter, Holly, is kidnapped, a heartbreaking tragedy occurs that will change her life.

Meanwhile, Rafe Hernandez will see his job be put on the line, and he'll do something that will lead to his wife, Hope Brady, getting fired from the police force.

Maggie Horton will be so devastated by the tragedy with her granddaughter, Holly, that she'll turn to alcohol again after years of being clean and sober, while Haley Chen will make a shocking announcement.

Meanwhile, Ciara Brady and Ben Weston will work together to try and figure out who set the cabin on fire and tried to kill Ciara last year. Their search will lead them close to Claire, who will begin to spin out of control.

All the while, Will Horton's health will begin to take a turn for the worse. The tumor in his brain was caused by Dr. Rolf's cure, and John Black, Marlena Evans, Sarah Horton, and Rex Brady will go on a quest for answers to try to figure out how to save Will's life. They'll find Rolf's research, but it will be hard to decipher.

Days of Our Lives fans will also watch as a fan favorite villain returns to Salem. Kristen DiMera will be back in town to start trouble for her enemies.

Soap Hub reveals that Eli and Lani will continue to grow apart due to her attachment to baby David, while Ben will make strong demands to see his nephew.

Elsewhere in Salem, Stefan DiMera will be forced to choose between Gabi Hernandez and Chloe Lane. He'll want to choose Chloe, but his attraction to Gabi could win out.

In addition, Salem will name its next mayor, and whoever wins the election will have a direct impact on what happens to Haley in her deportation case.

Fans can watch all of the drama unfold when Days of Our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.