Sheryl Crow Shares What's In Her Bag

Sheryl Crow is a singer, songwriter, and actress who has dominated the music scene for decades.

While chatting with Us Weekly, the star opened up her heart and her bag to offer fans tidbits about herself and her life. Crow started with the bag itself, a leather Flag Hobo bag, which she created for HSN. The bag has a worn vintage look and a huge image of the American flag across the front.

"I'm a huge vintage collector, Crow said. "I love when you see the American flag. It makes you stop and be a little bit proud."

Crow then emptied the contents of her patriotic bag to show off several pairs of reading glasses. She admitted to having a "bunch of different ones" and picks her daily pair based on her mood. The singer also shared her go-to brand, Peepers, and said she doesn't leave home without her glasses. Crow moved on to show off her precious stone collection.

"I carry a rose-quartz-shaped little heart. A friend gave it to me when I was going through radiation treatment [for breast cancer]," she explained.

She also shares her rose quartz with her children, 12-year-old Wyatt and 9-year-old Levi.

"If Wyatt gets stressed out, I give him that and he just rubs on it," she added.

Speaking of kids, Crow said her bag often ends up full of toys and books belonging to her boys.

"It seems like every time I open up my bag, there's a Lego in it. [My sons] are into the big town sets, like the fire station [one]," the star said.

She also carries around a giant cashmere shawl, which she pulls out whenever she gets cold on an airplane, an iPad, an iPhone protected by a black case with card slots, a pair of Bose headphones, The Gathering by Anne Enright (or whatever book she's reading at the time), plenty of snacks (including dried strawberries, almonds, Lays potato chips, and popcorn), a charger, markers, a water bottle by S'well.

Crow released a single with Johnny Cash's vocals earlier this year, "Redemption Day," which was originally featured on her Grammy-winning 1996 self-titled album.

In an interview with CMT, the singer discussed the ever-changing music industry and explained her decision to stop making full-length albums. She said despite loving the process of telling a story through an album, she now feels like a "dinosaur" in the business. Crow, who has been making music for over 30 years, went on to say she'll continue to make songs and put them out but simply no longer sees the point of creating an entire album.