‘LPBW’ Star Matt Roloff Admits He’d Love To Go On Double Date With Ex-Wife Amy And Her Boyfriend, Chris Marek

Thos RobinsonGetty Images

Are Matt and Amy Roloff slowly turning into friendly exes? It certainly seems that way.

While the two regularly get into disagreements on their hit show, Little People, Big World, they are still not opposed to hanging out with one another and their significant others from time to time. As fans of the hit show know, Matt is currently dating Caryn Chandler — who used to work on Roloff Farms — and Amy is linked to Chris Marek, who was she introduced to by a mutual friend. Matt and Amy recently sat down with Us Weekly, where they talked about their hit TLC show, as well as their personal lives.

While Amy shares that she and Matt will never be “best friends,” she explained that the foursome can still be in the same room together without a problem. Matt echoed those sentiments, saying that sometimes they all drive each other “crazy,” but they still all pretty much get along and see each other at various events.

“We ran an event just the other day — I was there with Caryn and you were there with Chris, and Amy and I and Chris and Caryn all had conversation. There was no tension in the room; it was all very easy.”

In addition, the Roloff patriarch shared that he has thought about going on a double date with Caryn and Chris and Amy, but so far, “it hasn’t gotten anywhere.” As far as Amy is concerned, she thinks that Matt is a great businessman, but explains that the two of them have moved on to the “personal” side of their relationship.

“Again, it’s about our family. It’s about our kids. It’s about our grandkids,” Amy told the publication. “Regardless of what’s happened between us, it’s still, to me, about family.”

Both Caryn and Chris make regular appearances on LPBW. Matt and Amy called it quits back in 2015, after having been married for 27 years. The couple shares four children together: 28-year-old twins Jeremy and Zach, 25-year-old Molly, and 22-year-old Jacob.

Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, were on the previous few seasons of the show and Jeremy was on the show from the very beginning, but they decided to leave the series this current season to pursue other things, including promoting their new book.

Zach, his wife Tori Roloff, and their son, Jackson, are currently the only Roloff children who are starring in the show, and Molly and Jacob have not appeared on the show in years.

For fans who want to keep up with the Roloffs and Roloff Farms, the new season of Little People, Big World airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.