‘General Hospital’ Daily Dose For Thursday: Saying Goodbye To Oscar

Craig SjodinABC Press

Port Charles is mourning the untimely death of Oscar Nero on General Hospital this week. He passed away on Wednesday’s episode and Thursday was a time to say goodbye. It was a heart-wrenching day as viewers teared up watching Oscar’s family and friends react to the news of his passing.

Thursday’s show began with Josslyn realizing that Oscar is gone. Then began the emotional reactions of Kim and Drew as the news traveled throughout the Quartermaine mansion. As seen in the spoiler video by SheKnows Soaps, Kim is absolutely devastated at losing her son, especially since Oscar is her only child. For most of his life, it had only been the two of them until they came to Port Charles. Now he’s gone and she doesn’t know how she will go on without him. Kim sobbed over his body.

Drew just discovered that he had a son and now he’s gone. He talked to Oscar telling him that he was a better man because of him. He got choked up talking to Ned. Monica is also choked up losing her grandson. She helped by making the necessary calls.

Joss called her mother right away saying that she needed her. Carly rushed off, but not before letting Liz know about Oscar. Liz rushed around General Hospital trying to locate Cameron, as she wants to be the one who tells him the news. She and Franco finally were able to sit him down. Cam calmly said that it was all expected to happen. He rushed off, got to the stairwell and broke down sobbing.

Ned tried to comfort Joss at the mansion. Olivia walked in and no words were needed as she realized that Oscar was gone. Joss went in to see Oscar one last time, as she told him that she will love him forever. Ned had also given Joss the song that Oscar had finished for the Nurses Ball since he knew he wouldn’t last that long.

Jason headed over to be with his family after finding out what happened. He was on hand to comfort Monica. Drew found out that Oscar made Jason his executor and he helped him set up a Kilimanjaro foundation to help other kids.

The paramedics came to take Oscar away. Drew carried his son’s body to the gurney. He and Kim cried over Oscar as Joss, Carly, Michael, Jason, Monica, Ned, and Olivia all gathered around them.

In other happenings on Thursday’s General Hospital, Shiloh paid a visit to both Willow and Sam. He threatened Willow with exposing the pledge if she didn’t return to Dawn of Day. He then went over to Sam’s to tell her that she is ready to give her pledge. Willow also told Michael that she is ready to talk to Kristina.