WWE Rumors: Former Champion Believes WWE Could Be Behind Dean Ambrose To Jon Moxley Change

There has been a lot of talk happening on social media within the last 48 hours after the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose hopped on Twitter. As reported by The Inquisitr, Ambrose tweeted a video revealing the return of Jon Moxley, his former gimmick on the independent scene. A lot of people are wondering where he is going to wrestle next, but one former superstar says not to count out WWE.

It is no secret that Dean Ambrose is no longer with WWE as they already announced he was not going to re-sign once his contract expired last month. Some say he has already accepted some independent bookings and will start that stage of his career but sometime in June.

A number of different theories are going around regarding Moxley's hype video which didn't have him say anything, but it did show his return back to his old gimmick. Many fans believe there are clues hinting at him signing with All Elite Wrestling, but nothing has been confirmed at all.

One former WWE superstar, and a former multi-time Tag Team Champion, believes it's not impossible for Ambrose/Moxley to be staying with WWE. As a matter of fact, Bully Ray states that it wouldn't be totally out of the question for WWE to be the people behind the video and gimmick change.

Dean Ambrose berates Seth Rollins on

On Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray discussed the video from Moxley and said that he wouldn't put anything past his former employer. He said that it would be one of the ultimate swerves if WWE is simply bringing back Dean Ambrose but under the new/old name and gimmick of Jon Moxley.

One of the biggest problems behind this idea, though, is that Vince McMahon spent a lot of time, energy, and money in creating Dean Ambrose.

"All of that equity they built up in the Dean Ambrose name would now be gone. He would be basically starting from day one as a new character. New action figures, new t-shirts, new everything…they have invested entirely too much money."
Still, Bully Ray wouldn't put it past Vince and WWE to make this big move.
It is well known that Dean Ambrose's main reason for wanting to leave WWE is that he wanted more control of his character. Even if he were given more control over the character of "Jon Moxley," Bully Ray states that his return to WWE would come with many of the same problems.
"Here's my problem with the whole situation. If I saw Jon Moxley pop up on WWE TV next week, I wouldn't have a problem with all the money that was spent and the different road they took me down. My problem is, who the hell is he going to work with? Because at the end of the day, if you put a tuxedo on a pig, it's still a pig. I'm not calling Dean a pig, but it's the same thing wrapped in a different suit."
Bully Ray asked if Jon Moxley would go on to feud with Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins? Sure, it would be a different feud but still exactly the same as if it was Dean Ambrose facing them. There are many theories rolling around regarding Moxley's return to wrestling, but is WWE really behind all of it? Anything is possible, but only time will tell.