‘General Hospital’ Fans Respond To Twist Of Bringing Lila And Edward Into Oscar’s Farewell

Frederick M. Brown / Kevin WinterGetty Images

General Hospital fans have had a lot to buzz about this week, and Wednesday’s episode in particular generated a lot of emotional responses. Viewers watched Oscar Nero pass away, and to the surprise of viewers, the writers incorporated Quartermaine icons Lila and Edward in the show to correspond with the teen’s death.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, most viewers think of John Ingle as the true Edward Quartermaine, and Anna Lee was Lila. Unfortunately, both Lee and Ingle passed away some time ago, so General Hospital needed to get a little creative in how they put this together.

The idea of having the ghosts of Lila and Edward with Oscar — as he found a way to let go of his life — was woven throughout Wednesday’s episode. Sometimes viewers saw “Lila” and “Edward” from the back, or only glimpsed their feet. However, there was no question for long-time fans about who these characters were supposed to be.

For the most part, it looks as if General Hospital fans generally found this added aspect to Wednesday’s show to be endearing and wonderful. Although Lila and Edward’s ghosts have been incorporated into the show before, it was pretty unexpected in this case, and so it caught many already emotional fans by surprise.

“Lila and Edward coming for Oscar truly wonderful. I couldn’t stop crying,” one fan remarked of the episode.

“That was one of the best goodbye shows I’ve ever seen. Good job #GH,” a second viewer quipped.

Many General Hospital fans said that they cried through the whole hour, and thought it was beautifully done. Some shared that they appreciated seeing Lila and Edward factor into this episode in such a key way, and others said that they both smiled and shed tears.

On the other hand, there were a fair number of critics as well. Some General Hospital fans thought it was tacky to incorporate Lila and Edward, in large part because Oscar didn’t grow up as a Quartermaine — and had never met them.

Another General Hospital viewer wrote, on Twitter, that there really weren’t words for having Lila and Edward involved, “’cause even in death Oscar has to be propped by someone. Stop it already.”

General Hospital spoilers regarding Oscar’s storyline had been successfully kept under wraps, as up until the final moments, fans didn’t know for certain whether he would die or miraculously be saved. In fact, much of Wednesday’s episode was done in such a way that it led viewers to think that the teen might pull through.

Understandably, there were fans who disliked the gimmick of incorporating Edward and Lila Quartermaine into this farewell for Oscar Nero. However, it looks like most viewers loved it.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Thursday’s show will still have plenty of Oscar-related heartbreak. The May 2 show won’t be solely about Oscar, though, as other storylines will be moved forward as well. It seems that people have a lot to look forward to as the May sweeps period continues.