Another Duggar Family Announcement May Be At Hand As Jason Is Rumored To Be Engaged

Things are moving quite rapidly in the Duggar family lately. There are so many babies on the way now, it’s very hard to keep track of. While most fans are eager to spot baby bumps on the TLC reality stars, they may not be expecting any engagements anytime soon. However, there is one family member who may just be sneaking an announcement in.

A rumor is going around that Jason Duggar is in a serious relationship with someone. He was said to be courting a special young lady these past few months, but it may have gone further than that now. According to OK! Magazine, the word is that he may actually be engaged. Who is the lucky girl who is rumored to be his soul mate? Many people are saying that it could be Lauren Caldwell, Kendra Duggar’s younger sister.

The report from the magazine reveals that a Facebook page called Duggar Family News is convinced that Jason is indeed getting hitched. In April, the group shared a significant post from a lady who was with Jason Duggar while he was on a mission trip to Greece. Lauren Caldwell was also on that trip. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Duggar fans were highly suspicious of those two being seen in photos together. They were rumored to be courting at that time.

Now that more time has passed, rumors of an engagement have surfaced. The Duggar Family News page got hold of a post from a woman who had her picture taken with the Duggar son in Greece. When asked if that was him in the photo, she confirmed it was, and then went on to say that she also met his “future bride,” as she called her.

That has set off the rumors of a possible future engagement announcement from the Duggar family soon. However, it is not certain if the girl is actually Lauren Caldwell or someone else who was on the trip. It could be one of the other young girls who has been seen in group photos from a few weeks ago. The usual protocol is that a courtship is announced first, then the engagement. They could have just decided to skip over the courtship publicly, but that isn’t how it has worked in the past with the young Duggar couples.

The rumors will continue to swirl until the Duggar family decides to announce that Jason is getting married, if this is indeed true. Keep watching for any updates that become available.

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