Anjelica Huston Details Brutal Snub By Oprah Winfrey After Beating Her At 1986 Oscars

Anjelica Huston is opening up about her 33-year beef with the queen of talk—and even though it’s a silent one, it seems kind of brutal. In a new interview with Vulture, the 67-year-old Oscar-winning actress revealed that she has not been on speaking terms with Oprah Winfrey ever since she beat her at the Oscars in 1986.

At the 58th Academy Awards on March 24, 1986, Anjelica Huston famously won the best supporting actress trophy for her role as Maerose Prizzi in her late father John Huston’s film Prizzi’s Honor, one of three times she was nominated for the honor. Huston’s competition included Margaret Avery (The Color Purple), Amy Madigan (Twice in a Lifetime), Meg Tilly (Agnes of God) and Oprah Winfrey, who made her film debut as Sofia Johns in Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple.

Three decades later, Anjelica Huston says Oprah Winfrey refused to speak to her after losing the Oscar to her. In the Vulture interview, Huston revealed that Oprah never once invited her to be a guest on her famous talk show, which aired for 25 years. Huston also described a brutal snub by Oprah, whom she claims still refuses to talk to her.

“She never had me on her show, ever. She won’t talk to me. The only encounter I’ve had with Oprah was when I was at a party for the Academy Awards, a private residence. I was talking to Clint Eastwood, and she literally came between us with her back to me. So all of the sudden I was confronted with the back of Oprah’s head. … Nobody else would dislike me so much as to literally, physically come in between the person I was talking with that way.”

While Huston alleges that Oprah Winfrey does not like her, she says she admires the media mogul and notes that she’s “made some big steps.”

Although Angelica Huston is under the impression that Oprah Winfrey is mad about her Oscar win, People notes that The Oprah Winfrey Show star previously said she was much more concerned about her ill-fitting dress that night than winning an Academy Award. Winfrey told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that the 1986 Oscars ceremony “was one of the most horrible nights of my life,” but it had nothing to do with any of the nominees.

The OWN boss revealed that she used Dolly Parton’s dressmaker and that he took her dress back to tailor it after a fitting earlier in the day. Oprah didn’t try on the dress again until the night of the Oscars, where she realized it didn’t fit just an hour before she had to hit the red carpet. Winfrey said she literally had to squeeze into the dress with the help of her hairdresser and that she sat uncomfortably through the awards ceremony and prayed that her name wouldn’t be called as a winner. Wearing the dress was so painful that Oprah said she “was praying for someone else to win because I knew I couldn’t get out of the chair.”

Oprah’s best friend Gayle King also seems to remember the night the same way. In an essay for The Hollywood Reporter, King wrote about her trip to the 1986 Oscars with her famous friend. The CBS This Morning co-host revealed that after Oprah’s tailor made the dress too small, her friend feared getting called onto the stage at the Oscars ceremony.

King did admit she thought Oprah would win the Oscar because people kept coming up to her and telling her they voted for her, but Oprah was much more focused on not winning.

“So she was sitting there thinking, ‘Please don’t call my name, please don’t call my name, please don’t call my name.’ Because of her dress!” King wrote. “Prizzi’s Honor won that year: Anjelica Huston, also a very good performance.”

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